10 Awesome Products From Ikea For Under 10 Bucks!


10 Inexpensive Ikea Products For Less Than $10

10 Awesome Products From Ikea For Under 10 Bucks!


Fyllen laundry bagsFYLLEN

Laundry bags always reminds me of my apartment days where I had to lug my clothes 3 flight of stairs only to find all machines occupied! I wish I had this back then – I could’ve atleast gotten disappointed in style!

Price: $7.99


Gubbskar bathmatGUBBSKÄR Bathmat

Good quality bathmats with elegant design that doesn’t ‘shed’ when washed! The price is hard to beat!

Price: $3.99


Alkalisk batteriesALKALISK Batteries

You can never have enough of these!

Price: $1.99


Grundtal Q Tip dispenserGRUNDTAL Cotton swab box

What a cool idea!

Price: $4.99


Ikea wall clock tajmaTAJMA Wall Clock

Love the simplicity of this clock! Elegant, bold and clean!

Price: $9.99


bolmen trash bin with lid white ikeaBOLMEN Trash Bin

Scores big on design, price and utility!

Price: $9.99


fixa 17 piece toolkit ikeaFIXA 17 Piece Toolkit

Everyone should have one of these! They are not just meant for building Ikea furniture you know!

Price: $7.99


ordning kitchen utensil rack stainless-steel ikeaORDNING Utensil Rack

Made of stainless steel that can house your spatulas and large spoons. And of course, it is dishwasher safe!

Price: $5.99


Rektangel flower vaseREKTANGEL Vase

Not much of a vase guy, but this thing looks stunning! (NOW I am!)

Price: $2.49


Kottbullar swedish meatballsKÖTTBULLAR OoO

Who can say no to a bowl of Kottbullar? I detest boiled unpeeled potatoes, but the Swedes got this one right!

Price: $3.99

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26 thoughts on “10 Awesome Products From Ikea For Under 10 Bucks!

  1. I like the bath mat because I need a new one. :)

  2. Prices seem to me to be amazingly low. Is this what’s holding inflation down? Products are interesting.

    • The other day I saw a couch that actually said ‘Made in the United States’! Boy it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen that line and I would’ve never expected that at Ikea!

      My respect for Ikea went up a notch!

    • Love IKEA! The laundry hamper would be great for kids’ toy storage & come in bright colors for kids’ rooms. The clock can be customized with painted stripes/shapes or just add stickers for a kid’s room. I could really see dinosaur stickers on there. It’s half past stegosaurus!

      Those clear rectangular vases make decor easy! Just march a row of them down a table with whatever in them. Add stones, single flowers, moss, marbles, fruit, floating candles, regular candles, sand with shells, Christmas ornaments, etc. Fun, & easy to change with the season or holiday! Could even be used for wedding reception arrangements.

      Thanks, Moneycone, for these great finds! Gotta get to IKEA again.

  3. IKEA is one of my favorite destinations!! Amazing style and LOW PRICES. I’m going to check out the mat, mines getting moldy.

  4. My best friend is moving and I just went to IKEA with her last night. She picked up light bulbs, a rug, dish rack, and more and all under $6. I love IKEA for their affordable and modern furniture. I didn’t see the vase and would love that for my home. What department is it in? I feel like I’m in a maze whenever I visit this place!

  5. Great products. Your post presentations are always unique and stylish. Kinda like IKEA itself!

  6. I’ll have to check out the bath mat. Mine is falling apart due to washing (well, and cat pee. My cat won’t stop peeing on it!)

  7. I love the laundry basket with the handles. I will have to get a few of these to make it so much easier getting the laundry up and down the stairs here.

  8. Hi MoneyCone,

    I had a laundry basket that I had to lug up and down 3 flights of steps, but that one looked much more neat and light! I’ve never heard of those boiled potato things before, but I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food. Thanks for the entertaining slide show.


    • Potato? That’s IKEA staple along with meatballs and some red syrup like thingy! Love the meatballs, boiled unpeeled potato, I skip!

      Heard IKEA’s serving potato mashed these days – guess I’m not the only one who’s complaining! :-)

  9. As a mother, I have to say that the BEST Ikea item I ever got was their Lattsam potty! Parents can pay a lot for potties, but IKEA’s is all one piece (easy to clean) and it’s only $5.

    • Hey, that actually might be quite useful since I have a toddler who’s yet to get trained!

      • It’s a great potty design – far more than you’d expect for the price and simplicity. I don’t think the people who design most potties (or toilets, for that matter!) ever have to actually clean them.

        • Thanks for the tip CD! I was anyway planning on going there this weekend – I’ll check this out!

  10. Hmmm… that red laundry bag looks familiar…LOL. It’s the same one that we bought!

    Once in a while we stop and just browse at the Ikea store and then go eat at their restaurant as well. They have good meal deals just like Costco!

  11. Great products.Thanks for your sharing.Your presantation is so good.Love this

  12. Very nice products! I am still waiting for IKEA arrival in my country, they say it might be here soon. Can’t wait!

  13. My wife and I had noticed the oddly shaped trash can at Ikea called the BOLMEN Trash Bin before. We didn’t pull the trigger on it because I am cheap and almost never buy anything. I still like how it looks though and will consider buying it in the future if my current trash can ever commits suicide.

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