10 Interesting Facts About Apple CEO, Steve Jobs!

Steve Jobs was voted the CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine. And my, what a decade it’s been! He brought back Apple from the throes of doom to making it the most admired company in the world! In 1997, when Jobs returned to the then troubled Apple, Michael Dell, when asked what he would do to fix Apple, reportedly said “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders”.

It took Jobs less than 10 years, to beat Dell in market cap.

After returning to Apple in 1997, Jobs did the unthinkable – accepted a handout of $150 million from Apple’s arch nemesis Microsoft, to keep the company afloat. In May of 2010, Apple bypassed Microsoft as the most valuable technology company. And in 2011, Apple beat Microsoft in profits too! It has been an incredible transformation of Apple!

But Steven P. Jobs has had an interesting past!

Steve Jobs is half Arab

steve jobs is half arab
Steve Jobs was born to Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian, and a Political Science Professor and student Joanne Carole Schieble in San Francisco, California. He was later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs and raised in Cupertino in California. photo

Apple Lisa was named after Jobs’ first daughter

apple lisa
The predecessor to the now famous Macintosh was the $10,000 Apple Lisa. It was named after Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs. photo

Jobs refused to pay Child Support!

Jobs refused to pay child support
After splitting up with Chris-Ann Brennan, Jobs claiming he was sterile, refused to pay child support for his first daughter Lisa. After failing a paternity test which confirmed Jobs was indeed the father, a court order forced Jobs to pay child support

Jobs’ biological sister is famous in her own right!

steve jobs' sister mona simpson
Mona Simpson, the author of several books, is Jobs’ biological sister! Being famous comes with the family!

Jobs was fired by the guy whom he hired to run Apple!

john sculley fired steve jobs
At 30, Jobs was fired by John Sculley whom he had hired to run Apple. Jobs went on to found NeXT computers which never tasted success but its technology lives on in the current Macs after Apple bought NeXT and integrated NeXTStep into Mac OS. photo

Jobs regularly parks in handicapped spots in the Apple campus

It is Apple policy not to have dedicated parking spots for employees including for its CEO. So Jobs parks in the nearest available spot, which is usually the handicapped spot. He also drives an unmarked Mercedes Benz. Cheaper to pay the fine than to waste time getting a license plate! photo

Steve Jobs earns less than minimum wage!

Steve jobs earns $1
Jobs’ annual salary is $1, just enough to keep company health benefits. photo

At Apple’s first Halloween party, Jobs dressed up as Jesus Christ.

Steve Jobs is a buddhist who had travelled to India prior to founding Apple for spiritual enlightenment and came back a Buddhist. photo

On his LSD experience: “one of the two or three most important things done in life.”

Steve jobs on bill gates

He also had this to say about Bill Gates: “He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger”. photo

Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder of Disney

jobs single largest shareholder in disney with pixar merge

When Disney bought Jobs’ other company Pixar, he also became the single largest individual shareholder of Disney. Apple isn’t his only gig you know! photo

And if you love Apple stock more than Apple products…

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22 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About Apple CEO, Steve Jobs!

  1. Those are some fun facts. I wonder what the future of Apple will be without Jobs.

  2. You really do love Apple, huh? And the whole minimum wage “fact”, yeah…

    Interesting stuff,

  3. Interesting! Steve Jobs may get $1 salary, but I bet his bonus is huge. I’m sure he gets a lot of stock options and stock grants too. Why don’t you find out and let us know. ;)

    • The only guy I know who’s personal wealth is $8.3 Billion with a salary of $1!

    • Ya take a look at the financials of the company and you can see he made a couple wise investments when they almost went belly up. Option exercise price at 9.15 and 21.80…hmmm whats the stock at today like $350?…lets see, add 3 divide by 2…carry the 1…calculating calculating…equals a lot of money!

  4. Very interesting and fun facts. $1 and parking in the handicapped. Here in California, if you parked in the handicapped parking space, cops will cite you and the ticket can be worth at least $300. It doesn’t matter if the parking space is in a private property. Cops will have a feasting on him!

  5. He definitely deserved CEO of the decade award. I was sorry to learn he earns less than minimum wage:) Does the Department of Labor know that?

    • The SEC was behind him for a while for backdating some shares. Not surprisingly, no one could prove anything. The meeting when this was supposed to have been agreed upon, never actually took place. Lots of murky stuff!

  6. Very interesting read. I don’t care for people parking in handicapped spaces who aren’t handicapped but I guess if it is on the Apple campus and they don’t have any handicapped employees then it is OK. Not sure what to make of the child support issue. I don’t like dead beat dads, though.

  7. Those are some very strange facts about Steve Jobs. How odd that he names one of his products after his daughter, but then has Lisa take a paternity test to determine if he is even the father. Quite odd.

  8. These are some fun facts. I have been working in the computer industry since 1985, so I’ve seen most of this go down. I am very surprised at Apple’s resurgence, but their products are awesome. I wish more American companies concentrated on producing this level of quality and innovation. The rest of the world could try to copy, but we would always be a step ahead.

    Disclosure: I own Dell computers and am very happy with them.

  9. What?! Steve Jobs tried to be a deadbeat dad? Now that’s some juicy gossip! lol And the $1 salary is common I guess for getting out of taxes? I think Gates is paid the same.

  10. He’s a very talented individual. Being the boss, and taking only a buck is powerful motivation for his employees. I imagine his companies would be great places to work.

  11. This is really interesting, I never thought that Steve was a Buddhist and wouldn’t want to support his child considering he has a hefty amount of income. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Such interesting information about Apple.It’s difficult to believe that Steve Jobs earns less than minimum wage!

  13. I really think he is one of the best marketers alive. Somehow he is able to make people believe that they NEED a product.
    Tablet computers have been around for a long time, but when apple puts out the ipad, people line up around the block.

  14. Saying he dressed up like Jesus is insulting to Buddhists. If you meant to say he wore a robe, that’s entirely different. Jesus Christ was born 600 years after Siddhartha Gautama and according to many historians, took his teachings from Siddhartha. If anyone is dressed like anyone else, Jesus is dressed like Buddha.

  15. Interesting and quirky facts. Thin line between insanity and genius? Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud. The hits keep on coming, but he is looking mighty thin these days.

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