10 Must-Have Tools For The Homeowner

The Right Tool Shall Set You Free! -Anonymous

Over the years, I’ve realized that I tend to use some tools more often than the others. Tools like a flashlight or a basic drill are so versatile and inexpensive, these tools should be in the toolbag of every homeowner! Then there are tools that you may not use often like the fire-extinguisher, but you don’t want to wait till disaster strikes!

If you are a homeowner, make sure you are covered when it comes to basic tools.

Headband flashlight

A flashlight is no doubt very useful, you know what’s even more versatile? A Headlight! Frees both your hands and illuminates your workarea as your head turns. I can’t remember when was the last time I chose a flashlight over a headlight! Get a headlight with an adjustable focus. I found that little feature extremely useful.

Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
I hope I never have to use this tool and this is one tool you don’t want to borrow from your neighbor! Don’t wait till it is too late, always have one handy.

A hammer is probably one of the oldest tools around and there isn’t much you can do to improve it! You can drive nails and you can remove nails – and if you own a home, you are going to do that quite often! Get a sturdy hammer with a comfort grip for shock absorption.

Voltage tester
Voltage tester
Gone are the days when you had to physically touch a live wire to tell if it was live or not. Now you get non-contact testers that both flashes and gives an audible beep when you bring the tester close to a hot wire. Indispensable and saved me from getting electrocuted more than once!

Level tool
Laser Level Tool
If there is one job I hate, it is hanging pictures. You would think by now there would be a better way to put pictures up level and straight, but no! Picture Frame technology is still the same. BUT, the technology behind levelers have greatly improved! Here’s one tool that I endorse wholeheartedly! It’s a traditional bubble level with a laser pointer with both a visual and an audible level indicator and to top it all, even has a suction holder! And trust me, you WILL make use of all of the above features!

Tape Measure
Komelon tape measure
Don’t buy a home without it! Always have a tape measure handy. Have one… no at least two! These things have a habit of disappearing!

Utility Knife
Alltrade utility knife
Boxes, packages, sacks of potatoes… yeah you need a utility knife! A quality utility knife will last forever and is extremely handy.

Black & Decker LI4000 electric screwdriver
Have two sets, a precision screw driver and a regular one. And keep them in a place you can find them!

Sockets, wrenches and pliers
Loggerhead adjustable 6-in-1 bionic wrench
Assembling furniture, replacing faucets, stripping wires – each job requires a different set of tools and there isn’t one tool that does it all. Sockets, wrenches and pliers are an absolute must. Save some money by buying a kit rather than individual pieces.

Bosch clpk221-181 drill combo
A drill is used for fastening, drilling and cleaning jobs. Yes, I said cleaning. More specifically bath tub cleaning and for removing soap scums! There are drill bits for almost anything including a brushes for cleaning nuts, bolts, kitchen sinks and even bath tubs! Have a portable drill with at least two batteries and good set of drill bits.

Duck tape
Duct tape, electrical tapes, masking tapes, packing tapes and scotch tapes. Don’t skimp, you’ll need all of them!

Multi-purpose Glue
There are different kinds of glues – general purpose craft and stationary glue to high bond gorilla glue. Keep them both handy.

Safety Equipment
Household fire extinguisher
No matter what tool you use, always remember, safety first. Nothing is worth an eye or an arm or a leg! Safety goggles, Fire extinguisher, fire escape ladder, dust masks, ear muffs and gloves. Make sure you have them all.

I’m no expert, but having owned a home for a few years, these, in my opinion, are the absolute minimum tools a homeowner will need!

My favorite would be the headband flashlight tool, what’s yours?

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37 thoughts on “10 Must-Have Tools For The Homeowner

  1. The only things you forgot are putty and woodfiller… not tools, but always needed whenever I use the other ones. :)

    Oh, and plenty of touch-up paint.

  2. My dad (a contractor) will attest that you always need a junk blanket too. Whether it be kneeling in an unfinished basement, drilling holes in the wall, or doing some plumbing… everyone needs a junk blanket or two!

  3. I would agree that most of these tools are necessary. My favorite is probably a screwdriver with multiple bits, as you’ve shown. I also think every homeowner should have a couple lightweight ladders: a regular folding ladder and an extension ladder.

  4. I think I have almost everything on your list. I’ve thought about getting one of those flashlights that you can wear on your head. It seems like a silly thing to buy, but I can see how they’re actually really helpful to have light hands free.

  5. Ducktape! Yep that’s come in handy a few times for us.

  6. I have all of these things! It’s amazing how many little thing you need to buy when you get a house. I bought a house a little over a year ago and felt like I was constantly purchasing new tools and whatnot. This tool is a life saver (literally) – Voltage tester – and I think everyone should have one.

  7. Yep! You definitely need all of those things. It’s amazing how many times I’ve used a tape measure around the house.

  8. A number of years ago I bought a laptop from Sharper Image and it died as well as the company that produced it. After some back and forth bargaining SI gave me a $300 gift certificate to use in the store. I piled the kids into the car and headed to the store, gift certificate in hand. One of my best purchases was one of those tool kits with all the tools in it. I have carried it to practically every fix it upper situation over the years because you never know what tools you’ll need. Also, the kits are inexpensive compared to buying tools individually. Makes a great nice gift for most newly married couples assuming you are forgoing getting them a book on increasing their financial literacy ;)

  9. My favorite is the tape measure. When I first bought my house I used to carry one in my purse. I still do I think! Ha! I would say electrical tape is also a handy thing to have.

  10. A cordless drill is a must! I use mine for more than I could ever imagine around the house.

  11. My fiance is a carpenter so we have almost all of these, with exception of a headlight.

  12. The flashlight is the most important tool for us, because last year we experienced power shortages in our place. Luckily, it’s already fixed now, but we have our own battery inverters.

  13. I love my headlamp! Good call there!

  14. I would add a toolbox! It’s the worst thing in the world knowing what tool you need, knowing you have it, and being unable to find it. So freaking frustrating.

  15. My husband has the headlamp from his hiking days. He uses it a lot now when doing work around the house. He’s also always using the drill, so I assume that’s a pretty important one! :)

  16. Those head flashlights are really handy. They are great for camping too, and my dad uses his a lot around the house.

  17. Thanks for the informative tips. For me the most important are Fire extinguisher and flash light. I believe in safety first. We don’t know when we need the fire extinguisher but it is always a life and property saving tools.

  18. Any project is a good reason to get new tools. Because you never know when a drill press might come in handy.

  19. My sisters mother-in-law insisted on getting me a Christmas gift. She bought me a cap light. It’s basically an LED light that clips to the brim of your cap. I thought it was a waste of money, until I was in the dark doing some work. It was an amazing gift!

  20. They get the name necessary because they are used often and help when it comes to emergencies or immediate help.
    I use hammers more than I thought I did recently.
    Great Post!

  21. I think you have a second career working at Home Depot or Lowes MC! That headlight rocks, but I’m leaning toward the level. What device can prevent you from blasting multiple holes into your wall?

  22. Very timely reminders, we are about to officially become homeowners in the next couple of months, and I have all of 2 items on the list!

  23. What a great list. Thankfully we have most of these since my husband is a tool junkie. The one thing we don’t have is that headlamp, I am going to get right on that!

  24. Great list. As a renter, I thought I would not have much but I actually have most of the items. After seeing your level tool, not going to lie, I have serious level envy right now.

  25. Im not too handy, but non the less great tools to own.

  26. I’m pretty sure my hubby owns everything on this list. Now rather I can find it when we need it is another story!

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