10 Stocks For 2012 (& Beyond)

If I were to pick stocks just for 2012, I would be speculating. I prefer stocks for the long term. My top picks for the coming year is not just for 2012, I would like to hold on to most of it even if the returns are less than spectacular. These companies have weathered disappointing […]

December 26, 2011 48

Market Meltdown, What Should You Do?

The stock market had the worst plunge in two years, Standard & Poor’s downgraded US credit rating from AAA to AA+, the first time in seventy years, and Europe is battling a credit crisis of its own. According to Standard & Poor’s, your money is more safer with Liechtenstein than with the US! The impact […]

August 9, 2011 24
The business of being born moneycone

5 Must-Watch Movies For The Money Mavericks!

Five of my favorite ‘money themed’ movies in no particular order… The Business Of Being Born (2008) If you are pregnant or about to become pregnant, I would advice you against watching this movie! The movie is about how something as natural as childbirth has become a booming business in the US. Physicians like control […]

April 11, 2011 26
Warren Buffett on value investing and PE ratios

Buying Stocks? Neglect This Metric At Your Own Peril!

When it comes to investing, the one advice that gets often repeated is: Invest in blue chip companies. Certainly better than shorting and investing in penny stocks! But how valid is this advice? Let’s take a company that’s solid, profitable, pays dividends and has seen multiple depressions and recessions and is still going strong. AT&T. […]

January 30, 2011 35
Beardstown Ladies common-sense investment guide moneycone finance

The Beardstown Ladies

In 1983 a group of elderly women in a little town in the Midwest called Beardstown, decided to form an investment club called the Beardstown Business and Professional Women’s Investment Club. The meetings were focussed on companies whose business they could understand and relate to. Their methodology was simple. Every member put in $100 seed […]

January 21, 2011 20

How you can profit from this market crash

On thursday by 2.48 pm, Dow had dropped 998 points, its largest intraday drop in history! No one knows what caused it. Was it a computer glitch? Human error? Goldman Sachs? While they are still figuring out who is to blame, the investors got spooked. The Dow recovered briefly but the next day witnessed a […]

May 8, 2010 15