A Review Of Alliant Credit Union’s iPhone App

Alliant recently joined the mobile banking fray with the introduction of its Alliant Mobile Banking iPhone app. This is a quick review of this application.

This review is for version 1.31 of this app. The app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

The app itself is minimal and provides very basic functionality.

The Home screen

Apart from Help and FAQ, you can check balances, transfer funds or find nearby ATMs. You don’t have to login for the latter.

ATM Finder

Enter an address and the app will list ATMs nearby. All the newer iPhones are equipped with a location finder which can approximate the device’s current location. Rather than force a user to enter the address, it would’ve been nice if the app could list ATMs with respect to its current location. Entering an address should’ve been optional.

My Accounts

This screen will list all accounts you have with ACU including mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, savings and checking accounts.

From each account, you can look up past and pending transactions.

One cool feature for Checking accounts is the image display of cleared checks. This shows both the front and back of the check.

You can’t deposit checks through this app, however.

Transfer Funds

You can transfer funds from one account to another via this feature.


This is a very simple application which really does not make use of any iPhone specific capabilities. A simple website formatted for the iPhone or iPad would’ve sufficed. Strangely enough, the app requires iOS 3.2, which implies this won’t work on older iPhones and iPod Touches.

The icons used for the app do not have a native feel to it. The app itself is fairly intuitive and I didn’t come across any apparent bugs.

While this app won’t ‘Wow’ a user, this certainly is a good start! What I would love to see are Bill pay and eDeposit of checks via this app. Using the Notification service of iPhones for balance alerts would be a nice touch.

You can download the App for free from the iTunes store.

If you would like to have your finance related iPhone app reviewed, please use the this form to contact me.

6 thoughts on “A Review Of Alliant Credit Union’s iPhone App

  1. The app looks great, but what are your thoughts on security issues?

  2. @Jessica: The app has an option to save your login or enter it every time you access it.

    I’m paranoid, so I wouldn’t auto save it. If you do plan to autosave, make sure you’ve set access lock on for your iPhone/iPod touch.

    Data transmitted is encrypted and nothing (other than your credential) is stored within the phone.

  3. Great news! It’s too bad that I have never heard of Alliant–until now. I bank with USAA and they have a simply application.

  4. @Romeo: I’ve heard a lot of good things about USAA!

  5. I am so clueless about apps! We just got an ipad at Christmas though , so maybe I should learn a thing or two!

  6. @EverydayTips: Hey checkout MoneyCone.com on your iPad! :)

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