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  1. Ripper
    May 9, 2011

    I have had DCU for 30 yrs.. they have gone down hill fast over the last decade. Service is sub par, loan rates advertised are great but what you get is far different. so if you are not a 780 you are not worth it to them. if you get auto loan from them, you have to prove your insurance every year by faxing your policy to some 3rd party whose serice is equally terrible. every year we fax them and every year DCU slaps a $3000 policy on my loan saying we didnt prove we have insurance.. in Mass its mandatory so not sure why i have to prove it to the registry of motor vehicle and DCU. then if DCU screws up they still charge u a $100 admin fee.
    use mobile app for check deposit. sometimes it works first time. others it take 10-20 times to work. some days you get a confirmation of deposit right away other times you dont . rescan and they tell you later it was canceled because the frist deposit worked.. other times you wait and it never deposits and best of all they do not track it well so when you call up saying you deposited a check 4 days ago they have no record even though your app says it was cleared and finished.

    im in the process of moving all loans to a new banks that is local. after all my auto loan issues, fees, never miond dealing with a equity line iwas told i could lock in once ayr.. then they renegged becaus ethe 20 yr old kid closing loans was new an shouldnt of been working by himself. so applied to move it to a fixed and was told i cant, once i have an equity line the only thing i can do is pay it off or move it to another bank.????

    i think local banks are becoming more customer aware and credit unions are becoming like the bigger banks and have fees and poor service .. they dont even know your name after 30 yrs.

  2. Visions Federal Credit Union
    June 21, 2011

    Think about adjusting your personal believed process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

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