A Review Of Forbes (And Some Link Love!)

I received my third free issue of Forbes and thought I’ll do a write up on it. People do book reviews, this is a magazine review! (If you’ve been reading Moneycone, you could’ve received your free annual subscription of Forbes too!).

A Brief History Of Forbes

Bertie Charles Forbes and his partner Walter Drey started Forbes in September of 1917 under a rather strange name Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. Forbes who quit as a columnist for the Hearst Newspaper, became the editor-in-chief and his partner Walter Drey, signed on as the vice president. B. C. Charles oversaw Forbes till his death in 1954. His two sons Bruce Forbes and Malcolm Forbes managed the business till 1964 when Bruce succumbed to cancer and the rest of the business was bought by Malcolm from the other stake holders.

Malcolm left his son, Steve Forbes, a 51% share of the Forbes empire and passed away in 1990. Steve, who is the current editor-in-chief has been at the helm ever since.

The Magazine

forbes 400 richest americans moneyconeThe first issue of Forbes was priced at $0.15. Today, a single issue costs more than an annual subscription($3) of the magazine in 1917!

A typical issue, has about 30-35 full page ads out of 112-114 pages, which in my opinion is not too bad.

The ads themselves are what you would expect from a business magazine. Luxury watches, Autos, Technology, Stock Brokers, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Vision Care. You didn’t expect Forbes to be read by 18 year olds did you? :)

Of course, some ads are out there. I mean truly out there! There was one ad offering you a trip to circumnavigate the moon! They did choose the right magazine to advertise their services though! Forbes is known for its annual Forbes 400 Richest Americans and World’s Top Billionaires lists.

The topics covered are related to Technology, Investing, Lifestyle and Current Affairs. I liked the editorial by Steve Forbes and especially liked the last page called Thoughts, which has some quotable quotes made by the rich and the famous. That is always a good read and the first thing I read.

The Investing articles were sensible and not sensational! (No headlines like If I had to bet all my savings on one stock, I would bet on this one! ). There was no political slant in the articles even though Steve Forbes aligns himself with Republican values and has a weekly show on Fox.

Over all, it is a good, informative magazine.

That concludes my review of Forbes.

Interesting Articles From The Blogosphere

Now for a list of articles from the Blogosphere I enjoyed reading.

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Have a wonderful week ahead!

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19 thoughts on “A Review Of Forbes (And Some Link Love!)

  1. Thanks for the mention and the review of Forbes. I also like the quotes. It is hard to read Forbes without learning something.

  2. Nice and thorough review! Can’t remember the last time I picked up a Forbes, but am fascinated with their richest people lists. Figure if you wanna be successful, should learn from the best of the best. I’ll make sure to check on the quoteable quotes. Thanks for including my John Chow guest post! Great stuff as usual, would you ever consider making a Money Cone magazine?

  3. I actually haven’t read Forbes, but I have heard of the Forbes “richest” lists.

    Here in Canada, a popular magazine is Money Sense. It’s a magazine that talks about investments etc. for the average person.

  4. Forbes is a great magazine! Interesting initial title…

    Interesting links and linkage :)

  5. Great review. I have never read Forbes… it always seemed boring to me. I probably should look into it, though. :-)

    • The average Forbes reader is 43 years old!

      It is actually an interesting read, should look into it sometime, irrespective of whether you are 43 or not! :)

  6. This is interesting. I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know before. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the mention. Enjoyed the article on Forbes. May have to get our dog to start reading it so she can make some better stock picks.

  8. Hi MC, thanks for the link. Enjoyed the review of Forbes.

  9. I like reading Forbes articles online every now and then and I find them pretty informative. I didn’t know that a subscription was so inexpensive! I might have to look into that.

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