A review of IngDirect’s iPhone App

IngDirect provides a free iPhone App to manage accounts. I thought I’ll give it a spin. Went to the App store, sure enough IngDirect provides not one, but two applications, one to manage accounts and an ATM finder for those who have an IngDirect ATM card.

The app downloaded pretty quickly. I fired up the app… and um..oh! It launched Safari! So the ‘iPhone’ App was just a bookmark! No wonder the download was super fast!

The ‘App’ is very, very simple. Let’s you check all your account balances, including your ShareBuilder account, transfer money into or out of your IngDirect accounts, find the nearest ATM that accepts Ing cards and finally, let’s you call customer support (if you have an iPhone, and not iPod Touch).

The ATM finder uses iPhone’s location service so you don’t have to enter your current location, if you don’t want to.


Though initially I was angry that this was not really an iPhone app and just a bookmark to IngDirect’s mobile site, seriously, why does that matter. Non techies wouldn’t even notice. The application is very basic, but then if you think about it, Ing’s strength has always been how simple and easy it’s site is.

I like the app, but you can save yourself time by going directly to m.ingdirect.com instead of downloading it from the AppStore.

Enjoy the slideshow!

IngDIRECT iPhone App

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