A TV Stand That Can Grill Sandwiches!

I love multi-functional units!

Cellphones that serve as cameras, printers that double up as fax machines, wrist watches that can also monitor your heart rate and of course, TV stands that can make breakfast while you catch up on the morning news!

I knew I had to get one!

A Tv Mount That Cooks Breakfast-Amazon-

Enjoy your Saturday morning folks! :)

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27 thoughts on “A TV Stand That Can Grill Sandwiches!

  1. Hahaha!! :D
    That’s hilarious, but I’ll stick with the stove thank you.

  2. I’m waiting for the model that also massages your feet comes out.

  3. Unless a TV stand prints money, I’ll never trade in my wall mount for a stand.

    Thanks for sharing though!

  4. An intersting TV Stand.
    Thanks for your sharing

  5. I’ll wait for the solar powered version!

  6. I’ve heard of car engines that can serve as stove tops, but this rocks!

  7. Shouldn’t it be ventilated or something? Ha Ha!

    • KC, I clicked on the amazon ad to see if they’ve corrected the error – guess what? They’ve changed the description alright, but replaced it with more irrelevant stuff!

      I’m not making this up!

      Here’s what it says now:

      7 inch TFT LCD (Resistive Touch Panel)
      Operation System – Android 2.1
      CPU Speed – 1GHMZ (ARM 600MHZ basic frequency + DSP 400MHZ decode)
      Memory – DDR2 256MB
      Hard Drive – 4GB Built-in Flash


  8. mmmmm…grilled sandwiches. That’s some sloppy advertising!

  9. Wow, they really do sell everything!

  10. Hilarious. Who is this, Jay Leno? Funny stuff, MC!

  11. I actually thought this was serious for a second. I thought, I have to get me one! lol

  12. When I saw that headline, I was kind of hoping that it was a real product…not that I want one…but bizarre products are cool :)

    BTW is it just me, or does that tv stand look like it would fall over if a 52″ plasma was mounted to it??

  13. You laugh! My Dad fixed up an old Nash back when they took us on a two week vacation (on the cheap) each year. This was back in the day when the engine area actually had some space in it. He fixed up a can holder that went in right next to the manifold to heat up cans of food while we drove down the highway.

    When we wanted supper, he stopped at a roadside picnic area, popped the hood, took out the can and there ya go, suppertime!

  14. I’m not sure I’d want a heated surface directly below my sweet TV….

  15. That’s ridiculous! Are the manufacturers assuming that people are so hooked to TV they can’t leave the room to go make a sandwich? That’s just sad. I wonder what this says about our society?!

  16. Very funny! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hey, order me one of those. What a great product :) Maybe it even comes with a tv.

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