What is MoneyCone about?

MoneyCone is about… money! A HOWTO blog on personal finance and investing.

Who is behind MoneyCone and why should you read this blog?

I’m not a financial professional.

I don’t have anything to sell to you.

My 9-5 has nothing to do with this blog!

I never thought about personal finance until recently and yet the very first time I learnt my credit score, it was above 800. And I was not even trying! Over the years I formed a few good habits that ensures me that I can always get that advertised rate when purchasing a house, or never get turned down for a loan or a credit card and that I have enough to retire or go on that vacation.

I think anyone can, but most are held back due to lack of awareness or incorrect understanding of financial concepts.

Anyone can have a credit score that’s above 800. I can show you how.

Tell me more!

I get my credit scores from all three bureaus and I don’t pay a thing. I do that by not giving out my credit card info or signing up for trial offers. I was one of the first to write about it because I used this technique myself, but I see this repeated all over the blogosphere now. I write original content.

I can use my ATM card at any ATM and yet I never pay a penny in ATM fees. You can too!

I get better rate on my checking account than you do with your savings account! (If that isn’t true, I’d like to switch to your bank!)

I cancelled DirecTV before the end of my contract and didn’t pay an Early Termination Fee. I can show you how.

This blog is a running journal of what I do, not what I’ve heard…

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A fool and his money are soon parted – Dr. John Bridges

My first FICO credit score from DCU when they started offering this service for free (and I wasn’t even trying!)!

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