Can You Have Fun And Still Be Frugal? You Betcha!

As a participant in Yakezie’s blog swap, Denise from The Single Saver shares her views on ‘Fun And Frugality’!

You can read my drivel Latte Sipping ‘Frugal’ Mac User at Denise’s blog.

In my favorite quote by Barbara Bush, she says “life really must have joy, it’s supposed to be fun.”

I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy. And this comes as a shock to some who know me and my love of frugality, because they don’t believe you can mix frugal and fun in the same life.

Can you have fun and still be frugal? Of course you can! It just takes a little planning, determination, and work. Below are three tips I use in my own life to maximize my fun on a tight budget.

    Everyone has hobbies and activities they enjoy. For the most part, these require some type of financial outlay. The trick is to learn to engage in these activities in the most frugal way possible. And really, this is quite easy to do. For instance, I enjoy gardening. Rather than purchase expensive seed starter kits, I experimented and came up with a way to make them on my own. You can also buy supplies you may need for used on eBay or at garage sales, look for discounted tickets on to local attractions on Craigslist, or attend events with friends in order to get group discounts. Whatever you enjoy doing for fun, there are ways to save money if you are willing to get take the time to look.
    There are lots of things in life that are “fun.” But just because something is fun doesn’t mean you have to do it. Some purchases may seem like they will bring you enjoyment, but will later result in buyer’s remorse once the fun-factor fades. If I took advantage of every opportunity I had to have fun I would be left not only broke, but also dissatisfied. Why dissatisfied? Because some of the joy of having fun is that it is special and different from the norm. I love Euchre but if I played it daily it would cease to be enjoyable for me. Driving a sports car is fun but if it became my main mode of transportation it would start to feel “ordinary.” It is easy to spend money on pleasurable things, but the trick is spending that money wisely in ways that will give you the best bang for your buck.
    If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun. The trick is to have fun without jeopardizing your financial bottom line. There are many ways to earn a little extra money if you are willing to get creative with your talents and time. These include taking on odd jobs for friends and neighbors, taking a second job in your community, or earning money online by taking surveys, working for Amazon Mechanical Turk, or searching the web via Swagbucks (I earn $15 a month in Amazon gift cards just be doing my regular web browsing through Swagbucks – it is my “mad money”). The ways to make extra money really are endless if you are willing to think outside of the box.

    However you decide to go about earning some extra cash, you can spend it guilt-free knowing it is not hurting your financial bottom line.

As you are a reader of “Money Cone” I have no doubt you have your own tips for having fun on a tight budget. I’d love to hear some of them!

Denise writes at The Single Saver. The Single Saver offers practical, money saving tips in a fun and interactive format for singles, smaller-sized families, empty nesters, single parents, and anyone who wants to save money.

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13 thoughts on “Can You Have Fun And Still Be Frugal? You Betcha!

  1. Hey…that’s what we learned in graduate school. Everybody chipping in…a nice day…a case of beer. bushel of crabs, and a good volley ball game. Frugal and fun.

  2. Nice tips, but driving a sports car is awesome everyday. We had a BMW Z3 and it was great fun every time we get behind the wheel. ;)

    • Wow, baller! ;) Does little RB40 get to ride in it too?

      Hmmm free fun….well I rode to work today (via bicycle) and it was so beautiful to look at the scenery, it was like a free vacation into my own city… I guess when you drive, you don’t notice little things as much as you would riding a bicycle.

  3. The happiest times I can remember were very low cost fun things! Lunch at the beach, birthday party on home, picnics, walking in the park, museum visits or just hanging out talking. I don’t need to spend money to make my wife or me happy! I am not opposed to spending, but it does not make it better just different.

  4. Thanks for the great tips. One of the funnest things I like to do is take my camera for a walk and see what we see. I love taking photos and capturing those little moments around us.

  5. I work hard so I can enjoy the extra money that I make. Even though I work full time and run a blog I also bring in extra cash babysitting so I can enjoy a night out every now and then. It works out great.

  6. I’m going to my favorite place in the world this morning (Hawaii), and I tell ya… you can have all the fun you want for free there! Hiking and boogie boarding and playing tennis in the parks are all free!

  7. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. i firmly believe life is what you make of it, and that doesn’t have to cost you much!

  8. Couldn’t agree more that life is for living. That said, sometimes it’s hard when your pretty sure you won’t have enough money TO live if you don’t get creative. There are times when the swagbucks alone can’t carry you through. Maybe if I had all the money of the Bush’s………

  9. Nice tips.Thanks for your sharing.Hope to see more post

  10. I enjoy perusing books at the bookstore with my husband and a cup of tea. We might pick out one or two to look at, then buy coffee/tea from the coffee store inside the shop and sit and read each other interesting quotes. Sometimes we purchase books, sometimes not.

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