Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia

What Do YOU And Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia Have In Common?

Does the photo ring a bell? No? Both you, as a US taxpayer and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal are the largest shareholders of the world’s largest financial network, Citigroup! You paid $45 billion in 2008 to bailout Citigroup from an imminent insolvency. That includes payment for the $50million Dassault Falcon 7X luxury corporate jet (with […]

May 14, 2011 13
The business of being born moneycone

5 Must-Watch Movies For The Money Mavericks!

Five of my favorite ‘money themed’ movies in no particular order… The Business Of Being Born (2008) If you are pregnant or about to become pregnant, I would advice you against watching this movie! The movie is about how something as natural as childbirth has become a booming business in the US. Physicians like control […]

April 11, 2011 26
banks that dont charge for atm withdrawals

Happiness Is Never Having To Pay An ATM Fee!

ATM fees are reaching an all time high. The average, last year, rose by 5% to $2.33 and you could potentially pay as high as $11! ATM fees could be two-fold. Your bank might charge a fee for using an out-of-network ATM and the ATM owner could charge you an additional fee for the convenience. […]

January 25, 2011 16
Alliant Mobile App Loading Screen

A Review Of Alliant Credit Union’s iPhone App

Alliant recently joined the mobile banking fray with the introduction of its Alliant Mobile Banking iPhone app. This is a quick review of this application. This review is for version 1.31 of this app. The app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. The app itself is […]

January 9, 2011 6
depositing a check from home

Online Banking: Depositing A Check From Home

Times have changed! I remember 10 years back, when I joined a Credit Union that happened to be outside my state, the only way I could deposit a check was to find another credit union’s ATM and make a deposit. Soon they introduced prepaid deposit envelopes. Now a deposit would mean a trip to the […]

January 8, 2011 6
Buy Visa and Mastercard now?

Visa And MasterCard Plunge 10% On Debit Card Fee Cap

Late afternoon yesterday, both Visa and Mastercard, two of the world’s largest payment networks, plunged more than 10% on the proposed debit card interchange fee cap. Visa, which was trading at over $79.16, fell to $67.19 and MasterCard fell to $223.49 from a high of $253.35. So what is an Interchange fee? Say you shop […]

December 17, 2010 10
Unlimited FDIC Insurance - HOWTO - moneycone

HOWTO Get Unlimited FDIC Insurance For Your Deposits!

What’s MoneyCone if not for obscure HOWTOs! Here’s one more! Currently your deposits are insured upto $250,000. What if you have more cash to spare? Yep, a big problem for most Americans! For each $250,000 cash, deposit in a different bank and extend your coverage ad infinitum… Or you could use your favorite bank and […]

December 12, 2010 16

BofA How Low Will Thee Go?

Last week, BofA agreed to pay $137 million for defrauding municipalities of millions of dollars by rigging muni bids in its favor. In 2007, BofA voluntarily informed the Justice Department of its role in this muni bond operation. Bank of America was involved in 88 cases involving muni bid rigging from 1998 to 2003. What […]

December 11, 2010 8
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