Weekend Project: Saving money by switching to Prepaid

Goal: To save money by cutting down on a recurring expense – my monthly cell phone bill – to a prepaid plan without changing my phone number. Current Annual Cost: $720 Does it make sense to move to prepaid? In my case, I hardly go over minutes and usually have unused minutes at the end […]

August 7, 2010 9

It never hurts to ask

I recently bought an electric razor from Amazon. Within a couple of days, the price of the same razor dropped by 25%! I logged in to my Amazon account to cancel and re-order the item, but unfortunately the shipment was ‘in preparation’ stage and didn’t let me cancel. It hadn’t shipped though. I checked up […]

June 13, 2010 5

How I cancelled DirecTV without paying an Early Termination Fee

Yes I actually did cancel DirectTV before the end of my contract without paying a fee and without even asking (at least not directly)! Now this is not a post about canceling without ETFs, but more about saving money. I was looking at ways to rein-in spending and my focus was on expenses that are […]

May 27, 2010 16

A powerful technique to supercharge your savings

We all like to save money. What we don’t realize is how much small, everyday savings add up. I’m going to tell you about a powerful savings technique, that has been fun, addictive and quite profitable (no pun intended!) Here’s what you do. Open a high interest savings account. Let’s call this our ‘Frugal’ account! […]

April 3, 2010 6
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