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Get 5 real time Sharebuilder trade credits with this coupon code!

Sharebuilder is offering 5 realtime trade credits for a limited time.  The credits expire August 1. Remember selling any security in Sharebuilder is counted as a real time trade and you’ll be charged $9.95.  So this offer is great if you want to lock in some profits! Here’s what you need to do: Step 1: […]

March 22, 2010 4
Money Cone Finance

List of online broker commissions

Here’s a list of discount brokers and the commissions they charge. I’ve also listed transfer out fees and account minimums. Transfer out fees or ACAT fees are fees brokerages charge when you move your assets to another broker without selling liquidating your securities. ACAT fees are important if you are thinking of just trying out […]

March 21, 2010 0

What I don’t like about Fidelity

This is more of a rant… Every time I do a fund transfer to Fidelity, I have to wait for 5 business days before I can begin trading, which amounts to 7 calendar days. A full week. My only basis for comparison is Scottrade. With Scottrade, the ACH transfer is almost instantaneous. No 5 day […]

March 20, 2010 0

Review of online broker OptionsHouse Part I

OptionsHouse is yet another discount broker offering low trade commissions. Even though I like my current broker Scottrade, the commissions were killing me.  I decided to check out OptionsHouse. Here’s a quick review. Objectives I’m not a day trader and I could care less about research tools.  Most of the information I need I can […]

March 20, 2010 0
Map of the Market

I absolutely love this tool!

Having invested a considerable amount of my savings in the stock market, I certainly would like to know how the markets are performing. But I want facts not Jim Cramer’s opinions and being glued to the TV or financial websites is unhealthy to your financial well being, especially in these times! This tool from SmartMoney […]

March 16, 2010 0
Opening a fidelity roth ira account

Opening a Roth IRA account at Fidelity – A walkthrough

In my previous post I went through the process of deciding on a Roth IRA broker. I chose Fidelity. In this post, I’ll describe how my account opening experience with Fidelity was. I’ve put up a nice slideshow of the process, so you’ll get a picture of what’s involved. Browser I used Google’s Chrome browser […]

March 13, 2010 0
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