Does it pay to be a contrarian?

Does it pay to be a contrarian?

con·trar·i·an A person who takes a contrary position or attitude Contrarian is a term that is usually applied towards investing. That is, you buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying. You buck the trend by going against the popular market sentiment. Warren Buffett became the third richest man on this planet […]

November 4, 2012 11
Unconventional Wisdom In Personal Finance

Unconventional Wisdom In Personal Finance

What is often repeated is not always true. Especially in personal finance. Not every debt is bad, not every method of savings is good. Let’s take a closer look at some widely accepted nuggets of personal finance wisdom, which may not be necessarily good for you. ‘Max out your 401K’ If I had a dollar […]

February 16, 2012 53
incandescent bulb

And Let There Be Light!

Or I could’ve simply named the post ‘Saving money by selecting the right light bulb’! Once upon a time, selecting a light bulb was as simple choosing a 60 watt or a 100 watt bulb, depending upon how bright you want the bulb to be. There was one popular size, you screw in the bulb […]

December 29, 2011 50
Switch To A Credit Union

If you are happy with your Big Bank, should you still switch to a Credit Union?

On one end we have the “99%” occupying not just Wall Street but public parks, bridges and roads and on the other, we have the 1% occupying everything else and who have our lawmakers literally at their beck and call. They even have lobbyists masquerading as presidential candidates and of course, all the money in […]

December 1, 2011 35

Don’t park your cash in CDs until you’ve at least considered this alternative!

Maybe the current state of the market has you spooked or maybe having a percentage of your investment cash in a risk-free account is a part of a well thought out asset allocation plan. Whatever the case maybe, exhaust one other option before considering CDs. I’m not talking about taking on more risk – the […]

November 10, 2011 34

HOWTO Do A 401K Rollover Correctly

On an average, a person will switch about 9 jobs during his working career. If he was lucky and smart, he probably enrolled in 401K plans when available. Now, if he didn’t bother consolidating his 401Ks, that’ll be 9 different accounts to remember at the time of retirement! When you decide to leave a company, […]

October 24, 2011 33
Amazon Kindle

9 Impulse Buys That Turned Out Better Than Expected!

We’ve all bought stuff based on commercials that turned out nothing like how it was advertised. (Shamwow guy, you listening?) Sometimes we buy stuff on a whim, only to be disappointed later. I know I have. But not all my impulse buys have been duds. Here are some purchases that turned out to be better […]

October 8, 2011 43
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