What Can $100,000,000,000 Buy You?

photo under fair use Zimbabwean dollars that is! Three raw eggs and it was a pleasure doing business with you sir! Zimbabwe suffers from what’s called Hyperinflation. That is inflation spiraling out of control. When the Zimbabwean dollar was introduced in 1980, it was actually worth more than the US dollar. At that time, the […]

November 26, 2010 14
what to do with damaged dollar bills?

What to do with damaged dollar bills!

Here’s a typical scenario: a raging inferno gutted your bedroom. Sure you were smart enough to have taken out an insurance policy against fire damage, but didn’t tell the insurance company about that money you had under the mattress! Now all that is left are badly charred dollar bills! You went to the nearest bank, […]

November 23, 2010 6

A Savings Technique That Works

When it comes to savings, US consumers are way below emerging economies like China and India. Compare US savings rate of about 3.9% to that of China’s whopping 38% or India’s 34%. What is your savings rate? A good technique to start an effective savings plan is to have one! Set aside an amount, any […]

October 28, 2010 8
How to get free iTunes gift card by MoneyCone

Get a free $10 iTunes gift card! Here’s how…

MoneyCone is all about saving money and sometimes about making money too! Oracle is giving out free iTunes gift cards for just creating an account and you don’t even have to be a geek! Or if you choose, you can get an IronMan poster instead. (An odd choice, but hey it’s free!). Offer ends September […]

August 27, 2010 2
Best CD Rates!

Have you locked your funds in a CD that yields less than 1.50% APY?

If you are with one of the big banks, chances are you are getting a lot less than 1.50%. As of this post, this is the yield for a 1 year CD with the top four banks: What if I said you can get 1.50% APY with just $100 minimum AND free ATM access to […]

August 22, 2010 1

If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn’t be!

Landlines are becoming a thing of the past with the adoption of cellphones. But there are times when a landline makes sense. For example, if you have a ‘frugal’ cell phone plan, a landline makes sense. Another reason could be a poor cell phone signal quality inside your home. There are two kinds of landlines. […]

August 19, 2010 18

Weekend Project: Saving money by switching to Prepaid

Goal: To save money by cutting down on a recurring expense – my monthly cell phone bill – to a prepaid plan without changing my phone number. Current Annual Cost: $720 Does it make sense to move to prepaid? In my case, I hardly go over minutes and usually have unused minutes at the end […]

August 7, 2010 9

How I cancelled DirecTV without paying an Early Termination Fee

Yes I actually did cancel DirectTV before the end of my contract without paying a fee and without even asking (at least not directly)! Now this is not a post about canceling without ETFs, but more about saving money. I was looking at ways to rein-in spending and my focus was on expenses that are […]

May 27, 2010 16
a bank that is better than ally and ingdirect moneycone finance

A bank that’s better than Ally and IngDirect?

Don’t get me wrong, I like both Ally and IngDirect. I’m a member of both and would gladly recommend these banks over brick and mortar banks. Both have top notch customer service with minimal hidden fees. But when it comes to interest rates, is there anything better out there? Ultimately, you want the maximum return […]

April 13, 2010 22

A powerful technique to supercharge your savings

We all like to save money. What we don’t realize is how much small, everyday savings add up. I’m going to tell you about a powerful savings technique, that has been fun, addictive and quite profitable (no pun intended!) Here’s what you do. Open a high interest savings account. Let’s call this our ‘Frugal’ account! […]

April 3, 2010 6
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