Handling Royalty Trusts In TurboTax

Handling Royalty Trusts In TurboTax

Royalty trusts are a great way to add income to your portfolio. The fact that you can reduce the taxable portion of your ‘royalties’ by factoring in administrative expenses and depletion is an added bonus. The downside is you have to calculate those expenses yourself based on the Tax preparation booklet Royalty trusts will send […]

March 23, 2012 14
Steve Jobs

The Many Inventions Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a visionary, a technologist, husband, father and an inventor. Jobs is listed on 342 patent applications, either as an inventor or a co-inventor ranging from computer software to staircases. Here are some of his other inventions…

March 6, 2012 36

Are You Saving Enough For Your Retirement?

You do the usual, contribute to your 401K, you max out your IRA, you save and invest every month what you think is a pretty decent amount. But, at the present rate, if you were to retire at 65, can you tell what your income would be? Most don’t have a clue! To be fair, […]

December 18, 2011 28

HOWTO Do A 401K Rollover Correctly

On an average, a person will switch about 9 jobs during his working career. If he was lucky and smart, he probably enrolled in 401K plans when available. Now, if he didn’t bother consolidating his 401Ks, that’ll be 9 different accounts to remember at the time of retirement! When you decide to leave a company, […]

October 24, 2011 33
Tax Package Support-3-1

HOWTO View Your Schedule K-1s Online And Import Them Into TurboTax

MLPs offer excellent yields, but if you hate paperwork come tax time, MLPs are not for you. First you have to wait at least till March 15th before filing taxes. That’s the latest you receive your MLP specific tax document called Schedule K-1s. You’ll receive one for each MLP you own and they are sent […]

March 12, 2011 12

Opening an account at Vanguard – A walkthrough

If you are looking to invest in passively managed Mutual Funds, look no further than Vanguard. Vanguard offers a wide range of funds with very low overheads. Thanks to Vanguard, more and more fund companies are offering low cost mutual funds. Before Vanguard, funds with 0.18 expense ratios were unheard of. I recently opened an […]

January 21, 2011 13
depositing a check from home

Online Banking: Depositing A Check From Home

Times have changed! I remember 10 years back, when I joined a Credit Union that happened to be outside my state, the only way I could deposit a check was to find another credit union’s ATM and make a deposit. Soon they introduced prepaid deposit envelopes. Now a deposit would mean a trip to the […]

January 8, 2011 6

A review of IngDirect’s iPhone App

IngDirect provides a free iPhone App to manage accounts. I thought I’ll give it a spin. Went to the App store, sure enough IngDirect provides not one, but two applications, one to manage accounts and an ATM finder for those who have an IngDirect ATM card.

April 18, 2010 0
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