Did You Know… (Blog Round-Up)

Facts from blogsFor this month’s link roundup, I thought I’ll try a different format.

Let me know how you like it!

Did You Know…

The word “internet” first appeared in the Washington Post on 9/26/1988 – Robert@DIY Investor

The average income of millionaire households is approximately $350,000 (~5x the national average) – Roshawn@Watson Inc

Contributions can be taken out of your ROTH at any time, there is a restriction on only the earnings – Sigma Swan Blog

Larry Swedroe visited (& commented on) this post! – Mark@My Own Advisor

The first ETF’s were introduced in 1993 - Money Infant

The retirement planning conventional wisdom of drawing 4% of your portfolio annually was based on the work of William Bengen – The Dividend Ninja

You have a chance to win an Amazon gift card and other goodies every month of this year – Joe@Retire By 40

There is a low cost alternative to doing your MBA!Jeffrey @ Money Spruce

You can still contribute to an IRA even If you don’t earn an income but you’re married… – Sense To Save

Mike & Molly participated in SOPA boycott!Mike & Molly

J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is no longer in the Billionaire club according to Forbes. Because she gave away most of her wealth! - Hunter@Financially Consumed

Olive oil can be used to moisturize dry skinShilpan @ Street Smart Finance

The concept of “work hard now so I can play later” bothers Average Joe :)The Free Financial Advisor

“Women always become more interested in a man after another woman begins talking to him” …hmm! – Financial Samurai @ The Untemplater

Kids CAN be taught about financeChrista Palm @ MomVesting

“The average American spends $232 a month on dining out” - Aloysa @ My Broken Coin

IRA rollovers aren’t as stressful as it used to beBuck Inspire

The choices you make might be due to hyperbolic discountingMoney Cactus

Your FICO score matters even to utility companiesWorld of Finance

Form 8949 is the new form to report capital gains including cost basis, starting this year (2011 tax year) – Sig Figure Investor

It is not a good idea to buy bonds now – Barb @ Barbara Friedburg PF

Soros Fund Management holds Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Google and Wells Fargo, and…. Adecoagro! – 101Centavos

Alberta Producers Losing $18B a Year! – Mich@Beating The Index

Don’t Exercise Before Blood TestsKris @ Everyday Tips and Thoughts

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Yakezie Carnival: Setting Your Clocks – 20 And Engaged

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17 thoughts on “Did You Know… (Blog Round-Up)

  1. I, for one, like the format…and I had no idea that the washington post started talking about the InterWebs before anyone else.

    There’s a great clip somewhere on youtube of Katie Couric on the Today show in the 90′s talking about this Internet thing. The whole cast isn’t sure what to make of it. Really funny!

  2. Wow huge carnival participation! and a pretty awesome round up

  3. I like the format as well. Thanks for the inclusion. I really enjoyed the “My Own Advisor” post on Swedroe’s views. I have to say that I side with him. Just because you work for a company doesn’t mean you have “news” i.e. info that Wall Street don’t have. In fact, you probably have less. Still, Mark et. al, will probably do ok with their well diversified, dividend payers that they know well as long as they stick with them over long periods of time where they will experience under performance.

  4. Great Round Up MC. I’m honored to have made your cut! Thank you for focusing on things that we might not know. It is great to use your blog for education!

  5. Julie @ Freedom 48 says:

    Great round up post! – and TONS of carnivals!

  6. Nice roundup and thanks for the Untemplater mention! I am a fan of the new format. :) And that’s a really cute pic btw. -Sydney

  7. MC, I like your creative touch. Thanks for sharing great links.

  8. Great new format. I really like it. Great way to spin the titles. I say keep it up. Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. Love the creative format and education. Thanks for the mention!

  10. I got the smiley face! Do I get a big prize package? Is my next step the Moneycone Showcase Showdown?

    The next format rocks. It digs into the meat of each story a little, making me curious what it’s about. I’m annoyed you thought of it instead of me!

  11. Great new look!

    Wow, killer roundup. Thanks very much for the mention!

    Stay in touch!

  12. Excellent format! It was interesting to read, and I’ll definitely have to check out a few!

  13. I love the format of this round up. Additionally, I was thrilled to see myself included and totally frustrated that my “google alerts” or trackbacks didn’t inform me of the listing!!!

  14. Super roundup & I like your comments! Funny about the internet thing. I keep trying to keep our eating out to a minimum. Being on a diet helps with that! lol I’m looking forward to your next roundup, MC!

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