Good reads from great blogs!

Informative and entertaining posts from some of the bloggers I follow…

I heard Men’s Wearhouse’s ‘I guarantee it’ guy was fired by the board! Don’t know about Men’s Wearhouse, but Financial Nerd has some thoughts on Brooks Brothers’ dress shirts!

Are Brook’s Brother’s Shirts Worth it?

Learn Squirreler’s zen-like approach to riches. It’s a three-step, easy to follow process. Best part? It actually works!

Do you have PHF? via Pauline Paquin@Reach Financial Independence

Why Cash Flow is important in a portfolio? Find out at My Wealth Desire

Alexa@Single Moms Income on why she is going to avoid tourist attractions for a while!
Good reads from great blogs
How Much Things Cost According to a 6 Year Old – A very interesting post from John@Frugal Rules

Are you watching your expense-creep? David@My 2 Cent Opinion

If you haven’t read ‘Millionaire Teacher’ by Andrew Hallam, you should! Very easy read and tips from a millionaire who made it big on a teacher’s salary. Robert@DIY Investing will be discussing one chapter from this book every week. Here’s the first week’s link.

Zimmy@Money and Potatoes with a fascinating look at Bitcoins!

Shilpan@Street Smart Finance interviews Mr. Money Mustache!

Darwin@Darwin’s Money asks : When’s the best age to start investing in an IRA?

MMD@My Money Design dissects the PE ratio!

What’s a good credit score? Do you know? Head to GenXFinance!

Budgeting Basics by Thomas@YourDailyFinance!

Sydney@Untemplater poses an interesting question: Does Volunteering And Charitable Giving Lead To Happier Employees And Higher Profits?

Whom are you blaming for your lousy retirement plan? A very good read! via AverageJoe@Stacking Benjamins

And finally, my good friend Buck@Buck Inspire with yet another inspiring podcast!

Hope the rest of your week is as wonderful as the start of this week!

16 thoughts on “Good reads from great blogs!

  1. I love also to read blogs or articles from other great bloggers. I gain a lot of information and knowledge from different views and opinions.

    Thanks again for sharing and mentioning my blog post here.

  2. I try to stay on top of reading blogs on a daily but the list keeps getting longer and longer and I always seem to miss some of the best posts. Thanks for the list these do help many of these I have read though. The holiday friends is a good one to check out.

  3. Thanks for the mention. Great list of interesting posts!

  4. Thanks for the mention MC! I am really happy to see you back in action now.

  5. Thanks for the mention and we hope you are going to be blogging more often now.

  6. Need to catch up on these great reads. So many blogs, so little time. Thanks for including good buddy and glad to see you back in action too!

  7. Thanks so much for the mention, I really appreciate it! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the mention!

  9. Thanks for the mention MC! I remember hearing about the “I guarantee it” guy getting pushed out from Men’s Warehouse too. Even though his commercials were never that great, he sure made us all remember that phrase goes with Men’s Warehouse.

  10. Thank you for the mention, happy 4th of July!

  11. Love Brooks Brothers dress shirts, their ties are great too. Great picks on the articles from other bloggers!

  12. There were quite a few good reads there. Thanks for putting the list together.

  13. Great reads. Thanks for sharing them.

  14. Great roundup of posts! I heard about the guy from Men’s Wearhouse too. He was the founder! And got kicked off the board, not to mention the tv ads. I’m guessing they wanted a younger vibe to the ads, but I have no idea why they kicked him off the board. Seems kind of sad since he started the company, but the new ads do seem better.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, MC!

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