How I cancelled DirecTV without paying an Early Termination Fee

how to cancel directv without payingYes I actually did cancel DirectTV before the end of my contract without paying a fee and without even asking (at least not directly)!

Now this is not a post about canceling without ETFs, but more about saving money. I was looking at ways to rein-in spending and my focus was on expenses that are recurring in nature. Not all recurring expenses are necessarily bad. If you are a huge fan of sports, cutting cable makes no sense. Be happy, not miserable.

In my case, I hardly had time to watch TV. I couldn’t justify what I was paying month after month. Added to that, DirecTV actually increased my subscription fee after exactly one year. All sign-up discounts came to an end (even though the contract was for two years) and to top it, DirecTV sent in a new agreement!

I read through the agreement. And there was this one line which said if I didn’t agree with the new terms I should let DirectTV know. And that’s what I did. I simply told them I don’t agree with the new terms.

DirectTV called me back. The rep was very polite and wanted to know what specifically I didn’t agree with. I didn’t agree with the entire agreement being changed unilaterally before the end of the contract. Again I didn’t mention anything about canceling. Here’s what took me by surprise: The rep offered to cancel DirecTV without an ETF! That’s it! No gimmicks, no tricks!

Now I don’t know if I was an exception. I always paid on time, never had any issues with DirecTV. I’m pretty impressed at the way DirecTV handled this.

Overall savings about $700 bucks a year!

Of course I’m not entirely without TV. I replaced the void with a whole lot of awesomeness from Hulu, Netflix and Roku!

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16 thoughts on “How I cancelled DirecTV without paying an Early Termination Fee

  1. …: How I cancelled DirecTV without paying an Early Termination Fee

  2. Good move! My DirectTV and always had problems with the signal, especially anytime it rained. I get my TV via Internet from a program at seetvpc [dot] com. Have used it for a couple years.

  3. Glad you got it done! People are really starting to see through Directv. They lead you to believe that you can get HD Free For Life like with DISH by just subscribing to their $29.99/month package. You can’t! With DISH you can with their $24.99/month package. Just read the fine print!

  4. John in Plymouth MA says:

    I did this the other day and customer service put down in reoords that I asked to cancel my service! Now they are going to charge me a ETF of $200 for not fullfilling my 2 year contract. I spoke to numerous reps and they have all said I CANCELLED my account. My word against theirs, not what do I do?

  5. Directv are definitely pros when it comes to deceit. I read this article about this man that could not get the service any longer, as he moved and the complex would not allow Directv to install the equipment. So when he tried to cancel they hit him with a huge cancelation fee. Turns out that all he had to do was contact the media to get them to drop the unfair charges. I think this is really sad and I’m glad to hear that there are people out there willing to stand up for the common man. As a DISH Network customer/employee, I know that treating your customers fair and right is so much more important than the money.

  6. I tried this today and they said that you still have to pay the early cancellation fee. It says that in the agreement as well. They would not drop it.

  7. Steve Whatley says:

    Ive had their service for less than a week. Can I cancel without penalty??


    • Steve whatley2 I am in the same boat and they are saying that I HAVE TO PAY the 480 ETF. I am beyond mad. All of their fees and I can even get the correct local channels. ugh

  8. I had to cancel Directv when I lost my job and had to relocate across the country. Directv wanted to charge me $199 to set me up in my new home because I had not been with them for a year yet. I explained my situation but they were adamant about the charges. So I went with the competition and Directv took $419 from my bank account without notice. When I called them, Directv said they would refund my money if I came back to them and would not charge me the $199 relocation fee. They could have waived the fee when I moved but they always try to call your bluff and not offer any help until after you leave them.

  9. dtv loves increases on my bill almost monthly. I call dtv today and lower my services to bare bone minimum. I watch netflix and get movies from blockbusters it is so much cheaper this way. I will go back to dish network in a year if I decide tv is something that is needed at that time.


  11. Direct TV is the biggest rip off ever, How our government can let this go on I don’t know.Dish TV is no different. I suggest paying for the best internet service and learning all the web sites, from free sports to free top 20 movies, music and everything you can think of.I am a sports and news watcher. If we all can Stop being compulsive the billionaires wouldn’t be Billionaires. We would have more in our pocket to spend and save. I don’t know about you but I was paying for 160 channels and 150 was crap, useless, junk so what was I paying for?

    We ask our government to protect us and defend us, they want our vote but protect and defend large corp America. UNFAIR. I hope a good honest lawyer sees this and file a class-action suit on Direct TV and Dish TV for dissipative trade and false advertisement along with fraud and theft.

  12. I tried to do the same thing and they would not let me cancel :( Any other suggestions on how to cancel directv without paying the fee? They went up on their rates, and I did not agree to paying such high prices. Now they want me to pay a high fee to cancel, even though I have been a customer for 8 years.

  13. Direct this now really sticking to people. Using the at and t buy as a way. To convince people that due to the buyout. That u have to go to direct. Being their all one company now. Don’t believe the hype, u still get stuck having to pay the penalty. Even if you just simply want to go back to at and . All one family my ass.

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