How this toolset became my best home improvement tool!

This post has nothing to do with personal finance, but I want to share my joy on this low cost toolkit that has saved me numerous times!

I usually don’t give in to impulse buys, but I saw this 31-in-1 screwdriver set on sale for a ridiculous price and decided to place an order.

It was deceptively labeled as a Mobile Phone Repair Kit.
It shipped quickly and came in a cute but useless plastic case.

If the case isn’t upright, the tool bits won’t stay in place. This means you can’t just throw this in your tool-bag without having the bits fly out of their slots! I was quite disappointed, to be honest.

What was I thinking! A ‘mobile phone repair kit’? The only time I pry open a mobile phone is to change a sim card or replace the battery and I don’t need a 31-in-1 toolkit to do that!

This little toolkit came in very handy for a different kind of job – plumbing! One of the faucets in my old house started leaking and I decided to replace it. Here’s the problem – I couldn’t remove the old faucet! It was screwed tight with a non-standard screw and none of my standard screwdrivers were of any help.

The folks at the big box stores couldn’t help without the make and model number. I had no idea where to go looking for the right screwdriver. Almost thought of sawing the damn thing off when I remembered my useless ‘Mobile phone repair kit’ purchase!

Guess what! It had a bit that was a perfect match and did the job beautifully! And this wasn’t the only time. Yet another faucet conked off and this was a different model but again with no markings and a custom fastener. Once again this toolkit proved indispensable!

Another time, I had to open my MacBook to upgrade its memory and this little toolkit proved its worth.

I took it out of my ‘I’m never going to use these tools again’ section of my tool cabinet and put it up prominently on my pegboard!

The tips are magnetized and fit well into the screwdriver bit slot. The case itself is made of plastic and screws shut with the yellow base.

For the DIY nerds, the kit comes with these bits:

  • Philips heads: PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2
  • Straight Heads: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • Torex Heads: T3,T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15
  • Hex Heads: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0mm (laptops, cell phone, hard drives, ssd, xbox etc.)


  • Screw driver handle: 106mm x 28mm x 28mm
  • Weight of Screw driver handle: 30g
  • Package dimension: 56mm x 56mm x 115mm
  • Package weight: 166g
  • Made in China

Closing thoughts
The price has gone up, but I still think this screwdriver set should be in every household. Good set with a bad case! But considering the price I paid, I can’t really complain!

What is your dumb purchase that turned out to be a smart move?

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13 thoughts on “How this toolset became my best home improvement tool!

  1. I love the multi-head screwdriver… we have one and a drill that it can connect to. It’s awesome!

  2. Hmm dumb purchase that ended up being a smart move…I don’t have anything nearly as interesting as you, but I’d have to say a step ladder I got for $17 on Black Friday. I use it pretty much weekly and it would have been probably closer to $40 or $50 if I hadn’t gotten it as a doorbuster. It also can be used when working on electrical outlets and fixtures, so it’s really been great.

  3. My favorite purchase is a satellite radio subscription. Normally, I would not be so frivolous – $12 a month for radio you can get for free? – but then we received a trial when we bought our car, four years ago, and I loved the satellite radio so much we kept it. It makes me happy, and that’s worth a lot – and it buys a lot of happiness for $12 a month.

  4. I have one of those screwdrivers & I use it for EVERYTHING! Excellent purchase :)

  5. Sometimes these little purchases turn out to be great buys. I bought a mesh laundry basket at the $1 store a couple years ago and it ended up being a great purchase. Never thought it would last that long.

  6. I have several multi-bit screwdriver sets around the house. One even has small drill bits. I have other hex adapter sets for use with cordless drills. As you said, they are some of the most useful tools.

  7. Nice! I’ve definitely run into problems not having the right screwdriver size when I needed to fix or tighten something. Having the right tools on hand makes DIY work so much easier!

  8. I actually got as a gift once a “hat light”. It’s a small square that has 3 LED lights on it and it clips to the brim of your hat when working. At first I thought “what a waste of money”. But I’ve used that thing so many times it’s amazing.

  9. It looks like a toy set, who knew it could be so useful!

  10. Big time and space saver. I have one of these and a few different small cases of bits and can fix almost anything around the house. I even saw one of these at the dollar store with 10 or so bits instead of 31. Probably not the best quality, but probably way better than trying to use the flat edge of a dime or a butter knife.

  11. Shiny, complex tools and opposable thumbs. It’s what separates humans from bonobos and lemurs.

  12. I have a similar set for my cordless drill. I’m always using it around the house!

  13. When I moved into my first apartment ages ago, my dad gave me a cheap $20 power drill/screwdriver, a roll of duct tape and a screwdriver like the one you have there. I’ve used those things sooo many times (multiple rolls of duct tape now) to fix such a wide variety of problems, I can’t believe it. When my brother moves out of their house, I’m totally getting him the same “kit.”

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