HOWTO track your student loans

This is not a post on how to pay off your student loans! This is about tracking your student loan info.

Did you know that the department of education has a central database (National Student Loan Data System) where it tracks information about your student loans?

The NSLDS tracks all information from aid approval through closing and this information is made available to you. Now, NSLDS only tracks your loan information, it cannot make changes to incorrect information. If you do find inaccuracies, you should contact the originating agency.

Be aware that student loans cannot be written off even after filing for bankruptcy. Use this along with a good student loan calculator to be on top of your finances.

howto track your student loans

Remember to pay off your student loans! Student loan forgiveness is extremely hard!


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8 thoughts on “HOWTO track your student loans

  1. I am beyond my student loan days, but this is a great resource for those who still have them.

  2. HOWTO track your student loans #RTW

  3. I’ll forward to my bro. He has a huge student loan.

  4. This is really helpful info. I’m going to keep it for future reference.

  5. Interesting. Never heard about them. I am going to look into it as we have some student loans.

  6. I’m checking it out right now! I’d definitly like a little help tracking my debt.

  7. This is great. I’m still paying off my college loan and feels like it’s taking me forever. Thanks for the resource :)

  8. I wasn’t aware the NSLDS existed when I was paying off my student loans. I do wonder a lot what higher education will be like and cost 20-30 years from now. If it continues to become even more unaffordable our kids and grandkids are going to be in real trouble.

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