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  1. Monex
    September 20, 2010

    As we all know, due diligence is a must, especially today, as we are going through an Economic Crisis that boggles the mind as to money supply contraction, rolled over and expanded debt obligations, serious unemployment, everyday consumer price inflation and asset value deflation.

    We need to help inform each other how to research, discover and share with each other all the dealers out there that are non-disclosing, that are manipulative deceivers. Please help us help you in your pressing decisions regarding when, what and how.

    As you know, there are core, not “fiat” major assets to own and hold during such a Crisis. Investment Grade Diamonds, Real Estate and Gold Bullion, Silver.

    I have been researching where to buy and hold Gold and Silver Bullion, from Dealers that are free, clear and unencumbered with full and honest disclosure about all of the Dealers who have negative legal history, massaged financial history, false storage guarantees, poor and/or no audit history, unfair costs, large unearned commissions that are not disclosed from all of the websites of those Dealers who claim that they are solid Gold and Silver Bullion Providers.

    Amongst most of those Market Makers, Gold Dealers, Bullion Banks I was shocked most by one website that I found that had such a large litigation history that I could not believe they still existed. Rated “D” by Better Business Bureau.

    This Entity still is operating but never discloses, as required, this negative history. I assume that is why they are still doing business in the Precious Metal’s Sector.

    That Entity is Monex Gold Depository Company located in Newport Beach, CA.

    I compared MonexGold to GoldMoney in London, Zurich and HongKong for direct purchases of Gold and Silver Bullion. GoldMoney buys directly from Gold Bullion Refiners….not from the major Gold Bullion Banks.

    What a difference between MonexGold and GoldMoney?

    As in any due diligence exploration to assure every best effort has been made so as to preserve, protect and defend our own purchasing power, as a hedge against printed “fiat” electronic printed paper money, it seems highly probable that real assets like Registered Diamonds, Real Estate and Gold are the only “real money” choices.

    Good Due Diligence can dig up a lot of shocking discoveries. Please, invest the time and share your findings so that we all can continue and discover the downsides “out there” by visiting and comparing GoldMoney against MonexGold’s website in Newport Beach, CA.

    What a massive difference in required disclosures and litigation history. Due diligence is a must in this economic environment.

    In these times, stay well and prosper.

    .-= Monex´s last blog ..“Monex systematically underpaid their employees“ =-.

  2. Robert @ The College Investor
    December 4, 2010

    It is important to remember that past results do not guarantee future performance. I have a feeling this will be the case with Berkshire. The entire company was essentially built around Warren Buffett. He is already in his 80s, and cannot last that much longer. If you were to bet your life savings, do it only short the short term, as you can’t know where the company is going to go.

  3. Daddy Paul
    January 1, 2011

    I have to agree with you on if you had to invest in one stock Berkshire Hathaway would be it. My question would be why do it since you can get into some mutual funds for 250 and spread your risk.

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