If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn’t be!

Landlines are becoming a thing of the past with the adoption of cellphones. But there are times when a landline makes sense. For example, if you have a ‘frugal’ cell phone plan, a landline makes sense. Another reason could be a poor cell phone signal quality inside your home.

There are two kinds of landlines. The traditional line which requires a phone jack and is still expensive in my opinion (if you are still on this, it is time to consider alternatives) and the VOIP line which uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls. Companies like Vonage use this technology.

Quality-wise you wouldn’t see much difference unless you have a really bad broadband connection.

ooma voip systemFor VOIP based lines, the key is broadband – not any internet connection. Broadband refers to your cable or dsl line as opposed to dialup.

A stable router and modem is another part of the equation. If you have to constantly reset your router or modem, VOIP is not for you. You don’t want to be missing calls because your router wasn’t up!

With Vonage you pay about $24 a month which is still cheaper than a corresponding traditional phone line. What if this can be reduced to 0$?

Yes, free domestic and long distance and you pay zilch! Too good to be true? I thought so too! Enter Ooma. With Ooma, you can choose your own phone number and make unlimited domestic or local calls for life! (Number porting is available for additional charge)

So how does Ooma work?

Ooma has a sleek device called the hub, that sits between your modem and your router. You connect your phone to the Ooma hub. Ooma lets you pick or port a number, you reset all devices once and Ooma is up and running! Pick up the phone and start talking!

That’s it! Took me about 10 minutes to set this up. The call quality is excellent. And it is nice to hold a real phone at last and not tiny cell phones! (My pet peeve!)

What is the hidden cost?

None. No seriously, I don’t have to pay a cent.

Ok, seriously what’s the catch?

The catch is Ooma is about to discontinue this too-good-to-be-true deal and start charging a fee. In fact if you purchase their latest model, there is a fee. But if you happen to grab their older version, you are in on the party.

This is the model you should be buying.


  • Free US calling: Call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Phone number flexibility: Choose a new number anywhere in the U.S. or transfer an existing number for a one-time charge
  • Caller-ID: See the name and number of who is calling (caller-ID compatible phone required)
  • Call-waiting: Switch to a new incoming call when you are already on the line
  • Call-waiting caller-ID: See the name and number of a new incoming call before you switch over
  • Voicemail: Access your messages remotely from any phone or web browser
  • Voicemail notifications: Receive notifications via email or text when incoming messages arrive
  • Broadband Answering Machine: Listen to messages hands-free with the built-in speaker
  • Ooma Lounge: Hear messages and control your preferences online
  • Call logs: Check your calling history online; filter and sort to find the call you are looking for
  • Enhanced 911: Emergency personnel are automatically given your registered address when you dial 911 (subject to availability)
  • Free in-network calling: Call another Ooma customer anywhere in the world for free
  • Outbound caller name: Have your name show up when you call out (other party must have caller-ID with name feature)
  • Caller-ID blocking: Use *67/*82 to block or display your caller-ID/name for outgoing calls
  • Anonymous call blocking: Automatically block anonymous calls from ringing your phone
  • Call return: Return the last incoming call by dialing *69
  • Landline backup: Automatic fallback during power/Internet outages or 911 calls (requires basic landline to be plugged-in)
  • Prepaid international calling: Make low-cost international calls starting at only a penny per minute
  • Directory assistance: Make 411 calls at $0.99 per call
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty

With Ooma you save about $228 a year!

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18 thoughts on “If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn’t be!

  1. that’s a great find, i do like having a landline. thanks for the tips.

  2. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  3. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  4. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  5. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  6. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  7. If you are paying for your landline, you shouldn't be! http://bte.tc/dewE #RTW

  8. It appears you have an error in the amazon.com links.. you link to the telo for both. I think you want to recommend the core version (hub+scout)


    I am fairly certain this is accurate but not 100% sure.

  9. Hey Guys….
    Its been 7 months and it looks like the TELO is still showing up on MoneyCone’s link as being the unit to purchase to be “in on the party” ~ BUT Joe says the unit/link is incorrect, it should be this completely different unit (much more pricey) to which MoneyCone appears to agree, says he has updated the link……….but DID HE?

    They are still two separate links to two different units. Which one is the party phone?!?!?
    Can someone PLEASE help me to figure this out?
    Thanks fellas,

  10. Very nice!

    Im looking for a great surprise for the hubby and I really think he’s going to love this! Your info is invaluable!

    Thank you so very much!

  11. Uh oh,
    I got the correct ooma home (the white one), and while setting up features online it says I will be required to pay a monthly tax/regulation fee. Oops!
    Its a low amount, I know, but if I was going to pay fees, I may have just purchased that black TELO (with more features) at a lower price and saved myself the hassle.

    To make things even more frustrating, I found this:

    I purchased my ooma straight from your link posted above, without the Scout, (NOT from Costco). How do you read this? If I purchase the Hub WITH the Scout, then no fees, but if I buy the Hub only then Im required to pay fees? Or only if I purchased it from Costco… ???

    I appreciate your article, but Im more confused than ever.

    • Sorry to hear that Jeni. I do not know when these changed were made to the terms and conditions at Ooma.

      Looking at the Ooma link, if purchased without the scout you will have yearly regulatory fee.

      I will update the links to reflect this.

  12. I have the ooma telo and have been using it for about a year. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I purchased it on sale at Best Buy for $200 and pay a minimal fee of $3.47 a month which pays for 911 service. I have the the cordless phone that has a base that goes thru the internet connection and the other 2 that plug into the wall so I didn’t have to purchase anything additional. I purchased one for my parents that live out of the country and they can call us kids, grandkids, & friends for free…well…$3.47 a month. Just set them up using a US address though. Hope this helps. It saves me $42 a month.

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