31 thoughts on “If You Bank Online, You Need To Do This, Pronto!

  1. Great info! I liked safety tip #7.

  2. Credit cards don’t have a federal law requiring zero liability. They fall under the same $50 liability policy (Or maybe it’s a different policy, but it’s still $50). They offer zero liability for customer service reasons and/or to make people feel comfortable using their cards.

  3. Very timely, since some Bank of America employees sold some confidential information on bank customers.

  4. Yet another reason why I don’t have or use a debit card.

    Thanks for this informative post. I didn’t realize my liability was up to $500 or more..Wow.

  5. Great information here. I knew about a $50 limit, but didn’t know that you only had 2 days – and that ultimately the liability could be unlimited. Good to know this and be protected, no question about it!

  6. Thanks for the great info. For me, when I do a money transfer with my bank I have to phone to give the receiver a personal pin that they use to access the money. It has been pretty secure so far although I rarely use money transfers.

    • That is pretty neat when I think about it! One additional security layer for wire transfers.

      I think more banks should do this.

  7. I guess I am Scrooge McDuck, cause I check my account just about everyday! Mostly because I don’t reconcile using a check book and I keep a running tally in my head. But this is good information to have once I have too many ‘benjamins’ running around to keep track of.

  8. Whoa, I had no idea I’d be on the hook for so much! 2 days is not a very large grace period in which to spot the fraud. Thanks for the information! I used to find those alerts annoying — just more clutter in my Inbox — but I suppose they serve a very useful purpose!

  9. IF that happens to me, I’ll tell my bank to reimburse me FOR SURE! And if they decline, I’m moving my money outta there.

    • But if the bank declines and you do move your money, you still are on the hook for lost funds. Setup alerts, takes a few minutes but absolutely worth it.

  10. Thanks for the tips. I never liked IE browser and have been using chrome or firefox. We’ve always use complex passwords totally different from our e-mail and other social network accounts.

  11. Great tips MC! Wait, you mean I’m not set for life through my new Nigerian prince pen pal?!?!

    • Haha! I don’t know about you Bucky, but the Nigerian prince is set for life if you did respond to his ‘Western Union money transfer’ requests! :)

  12. Great round-up of information! I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know!!! Yikes.

    Buck Inspire>> Hahaha! That cracked me up.

  13. Excellent tips! There are so many people vulnerable to this. Making my changes now. Thanks so much for this!

  14. Money, This is really really important info. Actually, some banks will waive even the $50 charge, but you certainly can’t count on it.

  15. Apparently it was possible to root the iPhone via an infected PDF? Pretty crazy stuff… it’s an arms race out there.

  16. lawrence brooks says:

    So, Im reviewing all this information, how do you apply for the card???

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