It never hurts to ask

I recently bought an electric razor from Amazon. Within a couple of days, the price of the same razor dropped by 25%!

I logged in to my Amazon account to cancel and re-order the item, but unfortunately the shipment was ‘in preparation’ stage and didn’t let me cancel. It hadn’t shipped though.

I checked up on Amazon’s price match policy. They were very clear:

amazon price matchWe do not offer post-order price matching when an item’s price drops after you buy it. Our prices regularly change, and the price you paid when your order shipped was the lowest price we were able to offer at the time. We consistently offer competitive prices on everything we carry because we know low prices are very important to our customers.

What a bummer! So I decided to send them a quick email asking if Amazon would either cancel or provide a partial refund since the item hadn’t shipped. I got a reply within 5 minutes with a partial refund! Now that’s what I call quality customer service!

I love Amazon!

5 thoughts on “It never hurts to ask

  1. that’s pretty great. i think it shows that companies do care about their customers.

  2. I always ask for discounts… never hurts. all they can say is no

  3. Good to know! I buy things from Amazon all the time, including tonight. Unfortunately they started charging California residents sales tax now, but their selection and convenience are still going to keep me a regular customer.

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