Major Announcement!

I have an announcement to make today! Really excited to join the Yakezie Network! The Yakezie group is a network of financial bloggers with the goal of promoting each others’ sites and sharing ideas.

I’ve been wanting to join the network for quite sometime now! Now that MoneyCone’s nearing its first anniversary, I think it is about time!

Even if you are not a blogger, do check out the Yakezie site for some really awesome blogs!

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10 thoughts on “Major Announcement!

  1. Welcome to the Challenge! Introduce yourself in the forums and get to know the various Members as well! Cheers, Sam

  2. Congrats MoneyCone! You will love Yakezie!


  3. Congratulations and thanks for the tip. I’ve seen Yakezie Network mentions sprinkled throughout many financial posts. I will definitely have to check it out in more detail.

  4. Glad to have you on board! Interact with the members (twitter, visit their sites, linkig, etc.) and you will see traffic to your site increase substantially. Good luck.

  5. You’ll fit in perfectly! Great decision!

    I think you’ll really enjoy it :)

  6. Welcome to Yakezie! Your Alexa rank will drop like a rock!

  7. @Sam, @Jessica, @EDT, @Sandy, @MR, @RB40: Thanks a bunch for the encouragement guys!

  8. Welcome! Glad you’re on board, it’s a great network of bloggers.

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