Misled By DirecTV? You May Be Entitled To Some Compensation. Here’s How…

Revenue from last quarter for DirecTV was over $6 billion! For a quarter! And that’s not because customers love DirecTV.

Just search for DirecTV and you’ll find numerous complaints blasting DirecTV’s deceptive marketing practices. Here are the most common ones:

  • You are offered a promotion when you sign up which doesn’t extend till the end of the contract but expires after a year while you are on the hook for 2 years
  • You are billed without your authorization
  • When DirecTV upgrades an equipment for free, they don’t tell you that your contract has been extended for another two years
  • Free DVRs have a monthly fee
  • If you’ve had a recurring problem that could not be fixed or you moved, DirecTV still billed you for the end of the contract.

Maybe DirecTV thought they could get away scamming people, or their bean counters figured it is cheaper to pay up when forced since most don’t file a claim. Don’t prove them right!

A couple of weeks back, DirecTV settled with all 50 states that alleged that DirecTV indulged in deceptive and unfair marketing trade practices since 2007. So if you’ve been a customer anytime from Jan 1 2007, and believe you were misled by DirecTV, you may be entitled to some compensation.

Is this for all DirecTV customers?

Yes. Past and present. If you were a customer anytime between Jan 1 2007 and believe you were mislead, you can apply.

When is the deadline to file a claim?

You have until June 9, 2011. If you are a Washington State resident, you have until May 31, 2011

Whom should I file a claim with?

Contact DirecTV
Contact your State’s AG or Consumer Protection office

How do I contact DirecTV?

Phone: 1-888-777-2454
EMail: http://support.directv.com/app/ask
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/directv
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/directv

DIRECTV Customer Service
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

How do I contact my Attorney General or Consumer Protection office?

Link to your AG/Consumer Protection Office

What happens once I file a complaint?

DirecTV has 210 days from the day it receives your complaint to resolve the issue either via monetary compensation or some other relief. Once you accept the terms, DirecTV has additional 30 days to fulfill its obligation.

What if DirecTV cannot resolve my issue?

DirecTV will send a form explaining the claims administration process where a third party claims administrator will make a final decision on the claim.

So, here’s your chance. The AGs listened and did their job, it’s up to you to bookmark this page and follow through.

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4 thoughts on “Misled By DirecTV? You May Be Entitled To Some Compensation. Here’s How…

  1. We just recently switched to DirecTV and so far I like it. Their quality is not the best (we get a lot of interruptions during shows) but at least we didn’t get any surprises in the mail. Yet. :-)

  2. I actually had a very pleasant experience with DirecTV Aloysa! I wrote about my experience – http://www.moneycone.com/how-i-cancelled-directv-without-paying-an-early-termination-fee/

  3. It’s sad that DirecTV has done so many people wrong that a page like this exists. I work for DISH Network and as an employee as well as a subscriber I love the customer service I receive and the dependable product.

  4. Excellent post here! This is a hot topic and it needed to be discussed. With more and more consumers wanting to save on Pay TV the lure of Directv is tempting. Just make sure you read the fine print and explore DISH as well.

    Best regards,
    Jay Courtland

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