If you have a PayPal account, read this.

Paypal has two modes of payment – a one-time payment and a subscription or pre-approved payment. Sneaky merchants might charge you for a subscription when you might be under the impression this is a one-time payment. They can keep charging you till you cancel. How to find out if you are in fact a victim […]

July 31, 2010 5

5 Rules for responsible credit card use

1.Pay off your balance in full This should be a no-brainer rule. Don’t carry a credit card balance. Think about it, a bank pays less than 1% on your savings. With a CD you might get 2% if you are willing to lock the money for a year or two. With an inflation protected ibond […]

July 24, 2010 11
cut down on your cellphone usage to save money

IPhone users, hate AT&T? Apple shares your pain! has a fascinating article on what transpired between AT&T and Apple regarding the iPhone. AT&T comes across as this old, obnoxious, arrogant company struggling to come to terms with modern times. Here are some select quotes… Apple: No, we are not going to mess up the consumer experience on the iPhone to make your […]

July 20, 2010 3

Switching brokers? What you need to know to avoid getting hit with fees!

So you’ve been thinking of switching your online broker. But how does this work? What happens to the stocks you hold? Do you have to sell and re-purchase them? Are there fees involved? Taxes? How to transfer stocks from one broker to another? If you’ve never switched a broker before, fear not. It isn’t that […]

July 5, 2010 5

Credit Score Myths And Tips

1. If I cancel a credit card, will it affect my credit score? One of the factors determining your credit score is your borrowing power or the sum total of the amount of money lenders are willing to loan (total available credit). An indirect effect of canceling a credit card is that your borrowing power […]

June 27, 2010 11

A review of Digital Federal Credit Union – Can your bank do that?

Credit Unions don’t get as much coverage as traditional banks and part of the reason is there is no incentive to cover Credit Unions. Credit Unions don’t pay for referrals, they are not set up that way. But then, for those who are members of a Credit Union, this is like an awesome secret others […]

June 26, 2010 9
Credit Scores and Email Domains | Credit Karma

Interesting statistic: email service and credit score

Credit Karma had an interesting statistic on preferred email service and average credit scores. The average credit score of Yahoo users was the lowest, whereas Gmail users was the highest (among ‘free’ email services). Hotmail and AOL are tied and somewhere in between.

June 20, 2010 1

Banc of America Brokerage…Brought to you by Carl’s Jr?!

Banc of America recently started offering 30 free trades per month for certain class of investors. I was going through the site… here, take a look! I can understand if Merrill Lynch was a separate entity. Merrill Lynch is a owned by Bank of America. Do they have to say ‘Powered by Merrill Lynch’ after […]

June 19, 2010 3

It never hurts to ask

I recently bought an electric razor from Amazon. Within a couple of days, the price of the same razor dropped by 25%! I logged in to my Amazon account to cancel and re-order the item, but unfortunately the shipment was ‘in preparation’ stage and didn’t let me cancel. It hadn’t shipped though. I checked up […]

June 13, 2010 5
A review of wells trade 2011

What I love about WellsTrade

I recently signed up for WellsTrade with PMA checking. If you have more than 25K, I think the deal Wells Trade offers is hard to beat. Here’s a short list of things I like: Instant money transfers When I was Fidelity, before I could make a trade, I have to initiate a money transfer, wait […]

June 4, 2010 6
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