Should you pick Vanguard's mutual funds or ETFs?

Should You Invest In Vanguard Mutual Funds Or ETFs?

Vanguard funds have some of the lowest expense ratios in the industry. Almost all of Vanguard’s ETFs have a corresponding mutual fund that either track an asset class or an index. But then, for an investor, deciding between a Vanguard ETF and mutual Fund is just not a trade-off between convenience and flexibility, although it […]

July 19, 2011 38
cut down on your smoking addiction to save money

Focus On Recurring Expenses To Improve Savings

To improve your savings, start by focusing on your expenses, especially those that are recurring in nature. These are the ones that slowly chip away at your savings. Even if they are small, they add up over time. Address these leaks first. Cutting down on an occasional candy bar won’t cut it, but bringing lunch […]

July 10, 2011 55
Profiting from Baidu (BIDU)

Thrill Money Investing

Although I invest for the long term, I’ll admit, from time to time, I speculate on market movements for short term gains. I call this Thrill Money Investing. I only allocate a very small portion of my investing funds, funds that I can afford to lose without losing sleep, towards TMI. Any gains are plowed […]

July 1, 2011 51
What are mlps and what are the risks and benefits

Unconventional Income From Uncommon Stocks – MLPs

This is part II of the series, Unconventional Income From Uncommon Stocks. The series is meant to be an absolute beginner’s introduction to uncommon stocks. The focus of this post is on MLPs. Why MLPs? Before I answer this question, here’s one for you! What’s strikes you as most unusual from this list of MLPs? […]

June 20, 2011 25
sending money to your spouse via paypal

There’s More Than One Way To Send Money To Your Spouse!

Not all couples have a joint account. Some just prefer to keep their accounts separate and reconcile joint expenses periodically, including yours truly! When we first started doing this, we were stumped! This wasn’t straightforward. Exchanging cash was too cumbersome, writing a check meant a trip to the bank, wires cost money and ACH money […]

June 14, 2011 28
Read the fine print!

10 Questions To Ask Your Bank Before You Open An Account

Fine prints, who reads them right? At least until you are hit with fees for violating some rule buried in fine prints! If you read them, more power to you! If not, shooting an email to your bank with these 10 most commonly asked questions might be the next best thing to do! Do this […]

June 1, 2011 22
A Tv Mount That Cooks Breakfast-Amazon-

A TV Stand That Can Grill Sandwiches!

I love multi-functional units! Cellphones that serve as cameras, printers that double up as fax machines, wrist watches that can also monitor your heart rate and of course, TV stands that can make breakfast while you catch up on the morning news! I knew I had to get one! Enjoy your Saturday morning folks!

May 21, 2011 27

Can You Have Fun And Still Be Frugal? You Betcha!

As a participant in Yakezie’s blog swap, Denise from The Single Saver shares her views on ‘Fun And Frugality’! You can read my drivel Latte Sipping ‘Frugal’ Mac User at Denise’s blog. In my favorite quote by Barbara Bush, she says “life really must have joy, it’s supposed to be fun.” I couldn’t agree more […]

May 20, 2011 13
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