Quiz Me This! (Memorial Day Edition)

As a kid, I loved quizzes (I still do)! Quizzes are challenging and fun and attempting them made me proficient in whatever subject I chose. I was wondering why not try the same with MoneyCone! Quizzes are a great way to learn without a lot of verbiage and they give you a sense of accomplishment.

So, starting this month, I’ll be posting at least one quiz every month on random financial facts. There’ll be 7 questions in each quiz and you’ll be provided answers at the end of the quiz. What’s that you ask? Can you Google? Sure! Google all you want! The end goal is to hone your financial awareness, not please me!

So, let’s begin!

Credit Unions are FDIC insured. True or false?

Can you have a joint IRA?

A technique wherein investors contribute to their portfolios in such a way that the portfolio balance increases by a set amount, regardless of market fluctuations is called:

Should you redeem an i-bond at the or the end of the month?

Which of the following countries has the biggest gold reserves?


To obtain your free credit report, you go to:

Can you have multiple IRA accounts?

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