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According to Netcraft, as of December 2010, there were 255,287,546 websites on the internet! That’s a lot and this number is only going to go up. How do you position a website from these millions of sites? To give an analogy, a TV program is measured by its reach and advertisers pay according to the reach. A 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl will cost you anywhere from $2.3 million to $2.5 million! Your rates will be a lot lower during re-runs of Friends!

So how is a website ranked? Surprisingly, there is no official standard to rank a site! Google has an algorithm called Page Rank that was used as the de facto standard to rank sites. Everyone agreed that this system was fair and this kept both the webmasters and advertisers happy. There was just one problem. Google decided this system was for internal use only and started discouraging its use. No one listened until Google actually pulled the plug on Page Ranks.

Google still maintains a ranking for every website it indexes, it just isn’t public anymore. This caused a lot of grief to both site owners and advertisers. This led to site owners scrambling to find an alternative to Page Rank. Among others, one stood out as a worthy replacement to Page Rank – MozRank by SEOMoz.

MozRank according to SEOMoz site:

mozRank (mR) shows how popular a given web page is on the web. Pages with high mozRank (popular) scores tend to rank better. The more links to a given page, the more popular it becomes. Links from important pages (like or increase a page’s popularity, and subsequently its mozRank, more than unpopular websites.

MozRank is a number from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest rating a site can get to 1 being the lowest.

Why is this important? This levels the playing field. Bloggers can go back to blogging and advertisers can rely on a metric to know that they are getting value for their money. For readers, this tells the reader how authoritative a site is by its ranking. It’s a win-win for all.

In case you are wondering, MoneyCone is ranked a respectable 4.63!

Other bloggers have written about MozRank in the recent past.

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9 thoughts on “Read Me, Link Me, Rank Me!

  1. Hopefully, people will begin to take notice!

  2. So just to make sure I understand,
    10 is the best score a site can get, where as a score of 1 is the worst score (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site with a score of 1 yet).

    Nice writeup!

  3. Great job on your ranking, Money Cone! I really appreciated you posting this information. So, I’ll continue to read you, link you, and rank you. :)

  4. Thanks Jessica!

  5. My website never was ranked by Google. Maybe it is too young, maybe because they already stopped doing it. But I did get rated by MozRank! Great article, very informartive.

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