Online Banking: Depositing A Check From Home

depositing a check from home

Times have changed! I remember 10 years back, when I joined a Credit Union that happened to be outside my state, the only way I could deposit a check was to find another credit union’s ATM and make a deposit. Soon they introduced prepaid deposit envelopes. Now a deposit would mean a trip to the […]

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How NOT to ask for feedback


Recently DCU sent me a questionnaire on how they were doing. It is nice of DCU to proactively ask for feedback from their customers and being a long time member, I got to filling out the feedback form right away. Page 2 and I noticed … Feedback : Keep feedback forms short.

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DCU now offers free Equifax FICO credit score

Free Equifax Fico report from DCU

DCU recently rolled out a new service to all its members – a free monthly FICO credit score report! Absolutely love it! Yet another reason to move your money to a Credit Union. I’ve been with DCU since 2001, have never stepped inside the bank, but have been more than satisfied with their service. If […]

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