More details on Vanguard’s commission-free ETFs

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Thanks to Schwab and Fidelity, Vanguard had no choice but to offer commission free trades! Not exactly as free as Schwab or Fidelity… Here’s the fine print: If you have a balance of less than $50,000, you will incur an annual fee of $20 This amount must be invested in Vanguard funds or ETFs. ┬áIf […]

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Ah Marketing…!

Schwab's Deceptive Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, Fidelity and Schwab have a price war going on. Both seem intent on out doing the other. Both tout how different their services are from the other that they are so similar! That includes deceptive marketing as well, where the facts are buried in fine prints! I’m not taking sides… […]

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