What to do with damaged dollar bills!

what to do with damaged dollar bills?

Here’s a typical scenario: a raging inferno gutted your bedroom. Sure you were smart enough to have taken out an insurance policy against fire damage, but didn’t tell the insurance company about that money you had under the mattress! Now all that is left are badly charred dollar bills! You went to the nearest bank, […]

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Tip: Unlock Your Phone For Free


Did you know you can unlock your phone for free? If you’ve been with your carrier for more than 6 months, all you need to do is ask! (not sure about iPhone or Android, but certainly worked for Blackberry and Nokia). I was planning on a trip outside the country and and wanted to unlock […]

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If you have a PayPal account, read this.


Paypal has two modes of payment – a one-time payment and a subscription or pre-approved payment. Sneaky merchants might charge you for a subscription when you might be under the impression this is a one-time payment. They can keep charging you till you cancel. How to find out if you are in fact a victim […]

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How you can profit from this market crash


On thursday by 2.48 pm, Dow had dropped 998 points, its largest intraday drop in history! No one knows what caused it. Was it a computer glitch? Human error? Goldman Sachs? While they are still figuring out who is to blame, the investors got spooked. The Dow recovered briefly but the next day witnessed a […]

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