Did You Beat The Market, Mr. Investor?

calculating the annualized returns (cagr) of your investments

In my previous post, I wrote about the Beardstown Ladies who had to suffer public humiliation because they couldn’t tell what their annualized returns were. In their defense, not many investors do know what their actual returns are! Why? Because most brokers, don’t provide that information, including online portfolio managers like Google Portfolio and Yahoo […]

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One portfolio manager to rule them all!


If you have multiple brokerages, the most frustrating part is that you don’t have a consolidated view of all your holdings.  Of course you could use a service like Yahoo Finance or Google’s portfolio, but then you have to manually enter everything.  No free service exists that can pull information from other brokers and present […]

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A review of Fidelity’s iPhone App


Fidelity’s iPhone app is a nifty little finance application. Among various free, market tracking apps, I found Fidelity’s to be the best. It’s elegance is in its simplicity. Trading features are members only of course, but anyone can check out the rest of the tools. CNBC’s app was too cluttered for my taste. Morningstar’s app […]

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I absolutely love this tool!

Map of the Market

Having invested a considerable amount of my savings in the stock market, I certainly would like to know how the markets are performing. But I want facts not Jim Cramer’s opinions and being glued to the TV or financial websites is unhealthy to your financial well being, especially in these times! This tool from SmartMoney […]

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