Thrill Money Investing

Profiting from Baidu (BIDU)

Although I invest for the long term, I’ll admit, from time to time, I speculate on market movements for short term gains. I call this Thrill Money Investing. I only allocate a very small portion of my investing funds, funds that I can afford to lose without losing sleep, towards TMI. Any gains are plowed […]

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Buying Stocks? Neglect This Metric At Your Own Peril!

Warren Buffett on value investing and PE ratios

When it comes to investing, the one advice that gets often repeated is: Invest in blue chip companies. Certainly better than shorting and investing in penny stocks! But how valid is this advice? Let’s take a company that’s solid, profitable, pays dividends and has seen multiple depressions and recessions and is still going strong. AT&T. […]

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