HOWTO Do A 401K Rollover Correctly


On an average, a person will switch about 9 jobs during his working career. If he was lucky and smart, he probably enrolled in 401K plans when available. Now, if he didn’t bother consolidating his 401Ks, that’ll be 9 different accounts to remember at the time of retirement! When you decide to leave a company, […]

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What’s Next For Zecco Users


Zecco put an end to their free trades last week enraging a lot of users in the bargain. Zecco was a relatively new entrant to the highly competitive discount broker space and had a number of users switch to their system due to their hard-to-beat offering of unlimited free trades with a minimum balance of […]

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What I love about WellsTrade

A review of wells trade 2011

I recently signed up for WellsTrade with PMA checking. If you have more than 25K, I think the deal Wells Trade offers is hard to beat. Here’s a short list of things I like: Instant money transfers When I was Fidelity, before I could make a trade, I have to initiate a money transfer, wait […]

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