The Many Inventions Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The many inventions of Steve JobsSteve Jobs was a visionary, a technologist, husband, father and an inventor.

Jobs is listed on 342 patent applications, either as an inventor or a co-inventor ranging from computer software to staircases.

The day before he died, he was awarded a patent on the OS X dock feature found in Macs.

Here are some of his other inventions…


Steve Jobs' Staircase Patent seen in Apple stores

Staircase Patent

If you were wowed by the stunning design of Apple stores, you have to thank Steve Jobs. At least when it comes to staircases. Jobs is listed as a co-inventor for the transparent staircase design that is seen in many Apple stores.



Steve Jobs' packaging patent

Packaging patent

Apple is well known for its attention to details starting with the packaging of its products.

IPods when uboxed, appear as though they are floating within the transparent plastic container they come packaged in. This effect and the packaging mechanism has been patented by Jobs and his team.


Power Adapter

Apple adapter patent

Adapter patent

Apple’s competitors managed to reduce the weight of their notebooks but never bothered to reduce the size and weight of their power adapters. Remember those heavy, monstrous bricks that passed as power adapters? Apple was the first to pay attention to this problem.

Jobs and his team made adapters look sexy, light and functional. Patent number D519922 was awarded to Jobs and 12 other co-inventors.

Media Player

iPod Patent

iPod patent

Patent # D469109 was awarded to Apple’s most recognized product, the iPod.

The application was filed on October 22, 2001 and the patent was awarded on Jan 21, 2003.

Display Device

Jobs display patent

Display patent

It was a stunning design and a marvelous breakthrough – cramming the CPU within the display unit. This design won numerous awards and Johnathan Ive in one of his interviews, talks about how challenging it was to keep the stand from wobbling!

The monitor design was patented and Steve Jobs is listed as one of the co-inventors.

Computing Device

Mac Mini Design Patent

Mac Mini design patent

The patent abstract reads: We claim the ornamental design for a computing substantially as shown and described. The Mac Mini is Apple’s cheapest computer. Size of a lunch box, comes without a display unit, keyboard or a mouse.

A true engineering marvel.


Mouse patent apple

Mouse patent

Though Apple did not invent the mouse, they popularized this input device.

The Apple mouse evolved from a single mouse button to no physical buttons.

A patent was awarded for the design of this device in 2011.

Building Exterior

Apple store building facade

Facade patent

Steve Jobs took a deep interest in the design of the Apple Store.

This particular design as seen in the Upper West Side Apple store was patented by Jobs and his team.

White Electronic Device

iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle patent

The first generation IPod shuffle was only the size of a pack of chewing gum and Apple’s product page actually said: Do not eat iPod shuffle!

The design for this ‘White electronic device’ was patented in October of 2006.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

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36 thoughts on “The Many Inventions Of Steve Jobs

  1. I think many colleges and graduate schools will study his work for years. He really just simplified personal computers and all the Apple products.

  2. Pretty productive guy I’d say!

  3. I adore Steve Jobs for his creative genius. He was simply the best when it comes to the power of right brain usage.

  4. It’s sad to see his life cut so short. He was a brilliant man!

  5. So accomplished, truly inspiring. As I looked through your slide-show, my first thought when looking at the mouse diagram was that it resembles the stone tools that early humans developed tens of thousands of years ago. They both fit perfectly well in the palm of our hand. Great design.

  6. Enjoyed all the slides. The man was a legend for his penchant for creating one after another market leading products. No wonder Apple is at the top in terms of market capitalization, even ahead of Google.

  7. Interesting tidbit on the staircases! Those actually freak me out lol. They look cool but I don’t like walking on them. :) -Sydney

  8. When my computer dies — which may be very soon — I definitely want either a nice Maac laptop or the Mac Mini. I think the Mini is one of his greatest inventions, but a laptop may be more practical for my intended uses!

  9. I won’t pay the Mac premium since I can build pretty close to the same in Linux myself without too much effort. Hard not to admire Jobs, and his single-minded pursuit of perfection.

    But what I don’t understand is why the politicians haven’t levied Apple with a windfall profits tax since their profit margin is north of 30% while Exxon-Mobile only earns slightly over 8%. (an attempt at humor).

  10. He’ll be a hard one to replace! Cool post, MC. I’m hanging on to my Apple shares but very interested to see where the big design innovations go next.

  11. I’m a huge fan of his products and him. What a guy! on my lap I have a macbook pro, a iphone4 in my pocket and an ipad1 on the table in front of me…funny.

  12. Very creative post. Enjoyed the slides. Steve Jobs was genius. Period.

  13. He truly was a really clever guy. I wish I could come up with just one of his ideas! Love the slideshow too, nice work

  14. Awesome slideshow featuring awesome products. True visionary and what an amazing turnaround!

  15. That’s a huge number of patents applications with his name on it. Had no idea on his architectural influence with the stores. It just shows how detail oriented he was with everything.

  16. Did he really invented all those things or did he manage the inventions?
    Steve Jobs is an extraordinary visionaire, but I don’t think that he invented many things. I think his workers did most of the work and Steve channeled their creativity and critique their products.

  17. Wow, that is super impressive. I was unaware of just how productive he was. He accomplished all of this before 60. I feel an even greater loss now that he is gone after learning this. Thanks for putting this together!

  18. Its truly says that he is an idle. Thanks for putting this together.

  19. I admire Jobs, he was an amazing guy. His inventions changed our lives. But there are other people who deserves the same recognition as he does, think of the people who created computer programming languages. If it wasn’t because of them, we won’t be here at this specific moment doing this conversation.

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